WoW: Impressive Dragon Skulls

In order to complete the Tales of Tarjin quest in WoW, players have to defeat Dragons to collect Impressive Dragon Skulls.

In this well-renowned video game, World of Warcraft (WoW), you can take control of a Warcraft hero to explore the game’s vast open world.

WoW’s ninth expansion, Dragonflight, introduces new content, quests, and locations to the game. One of the quests that you can complete is Tarjin’s Fables, which requires Impressive Dragon Skulls.

Quests in WoW

A quest is a task given to a player that yields a reward when it is completed. Quests are generally given to players by a non-player character, though some quests can be acquired by right-clicking certain signs or posters.

Until you reach the maximum character level, you will also be rewarded with experience points. Once you reach the maximum level, you will receive gold instead.

There are currently more than 20 000 quests in WoW for gamers to complete. You should bear in mind that you do not have to complete all the quests, however, it is advisable that you do complete some of them to get experience points and gold.

WoW: Impressive Dragon Skulls

On the cliff southwest of the Obsidian Citadel on the Dragon Isles you can find Tarjin the Blind, the NPC. He will offer you the Tales of Tarjin quest, which requires that you obtain no less than 25 Impressive Dragon Skulls.

WoW: Impressive Dragon Skulls
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This quest allows you to prove your true worth and your right to collect the Skull of Fenistrasza at Tarjin’s side.

The quest’s official description is, “Do you think you are worthy of the incredible Jardine Legends? When you are not even the size of one of our guns? Pfft! I doubt you have the shoulders to shoulder the legacy of my people. Try to prove me wrong. Look for Dragons, the only ones worthy to face us on these islands.”

Although the description does not specify that you have to collect Dragon Skulls from mighty Dragons and Proto-Dragons in the Islands, you can only get these particular skulls after killing the Elite Dragons or Proto-Dragons.

After accepting the quest, you should head to Ohn’ahra Plains, South West of Timberstep Outpost. Here, you will find and can attempt to defeat a Blazing Proto-Dragon. You can either wait for help with defeating the dragon, or you can try to kill it solo.

Once the dragon is dead, click on it to get an Impressive Dragon Skull. You can wait until it respawns to defeat it again and to get another skull.

If you are interested in defeating Elite Dragons, go to the West of Ruby Life Pools in The Walking Shores, where you will find an Elite Dragon. Once this dragon is defeated, you can loot a Dragon Skull.

How to defeat a Dragon

It is noteworthy that every Dragon on the Dragon Isles has unique abilities and therefore, you cannot use the same technique to defeat them all. If your character is not a high enough level, you will likely struggle to defeat the Dragon.

You can either wait for other players to defeat the Dragon, or you can party up with friends and defeat it together. Although it is a group effort, every player in the party will earn loot once the Dragon is dead.

To survive the Dragon’s attacks, you should stand at its tail. By doing this, you will miss its attacks at the front.

Tarjin’s Next Tale

After completing Tarjin’s Tales, you will get access to Tarjin’s Next Tale, which unlocks a new Djaradin legend to listen to.

Djaradin is a race of elemental half-giants that are native to the Walking Shores of the Dragon Isles. Wielding the power of magma and riding giant lava mammoths, they are ancient foes of the red dragonflight.

The Djaradin went into slumber with the rest of the Isles after the Great Sundering, but they have now reawakened. Players can discover more about Djaradin’s lore by listening to the legend.

Chip the pet

During the Primal Storms pre-patch event, players were able to gather Pre-Sentient Rock Clusters, which is one of the ingredients used to create Chip the pet.

If you missed the opportunity to get this ingredient, you can gather them from the Ruby Life Pools heroic dungeon.

You also need to get 1 Rock of Aegis, which is dropped by Elite mobs in the Obsidian Citadel. But you can only obtain this item when your character has reached the maximum level.

The last ingredient that you need to craft Chip the pet is 3 Element Infused Blood. You can find this ingredient while you are doing the Tarjin’s Tales quest as Dragons drop Element Infused Blood when they are defeated.

Once you have all of the reagents, you must speak to Yries Lightfingers at the Obsidian Throne. The NPC will offer you the A Purpose Restored quest, which will avail the pet for purchase.

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