WoW: Artisan’s Consortium Rep

Players can gain Reputation Points for WOW Artisan’s Consortium, however, you need to have access to the Dragon Isles to unlock the faction.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is set in the fictitious Warcraft universe.

While you are exploring the vast open world, you will gain reputation with different factions. One of the factions that you can gain reputation with is Artisan’s Consortium, though you need access to Dragonflight to unlock it.

What is Reputation?

Players can gain or lose favour, otherwise referred to as Reputation, with different fractions in Azeroth.

Higher Reputation unlocks special rewards or new quests to complete. Reputation is very similar to experience, but it is divided into a number of different levels.

You have to collect reputation points to progress through the levels. Higher Reputation levels usually require more points than the previous level did to progress. The exception is hated, which requires a large quantity of reputation points.

Keep in mind that you can lose Reputation with some factions either by killing members of their factions or by assisting rival factions.

WoW: Artisan’s Consortium Rep

Artisan’s Consortium is a new sub-faction in WoW which was introduced into the game with the Dragonflight expansion.

This sub-faction is part of the Valdrakken Accord and mostly deals with Professions. Players who are interested in Professions should focus on earning Reputation for the Artisan’s Consortium.

WoW: Artisan’s Consortium Rep
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Crafters and Gatherers can acquire Knowledge Points through Artisan’s Consortium Reputation’s rewards. If you are a Crafter, you will get access to unique patterns if you have enough Reputation.

There are numerous reasons why you should earn Reputation with this faction, some of which are listed in the following table:

Reason Description
Crafting Reagents Players can purchase Pentagold Seal, which is a BoP crafting reagent that is used in certain crafting recipes
Knowledge Points You can collect additional Knowledge Points to upgrade your profession’s Specialisation Trees
Profession Recipes Players can unlock Profession Recipes that require Artisan’s Consortium Reputation, such as Armour Spikes, Draconic Missive of Multicraft, and Aerated Phial of Quick Hands

Similarly to other factions, Artisan’s Consortium’s Reputation is divided into 5 levels, each of which requires a specific quantity of reputation points. The table below lists the number of required reputation points for each level:

Reputation level Reputation required
Neutral 0
Preferred 500
Respected 2500
Valued 5500
Esteemed 12 500

There are various methods that you can use to gain Reputation with Artisan’s Consortium, however, if you are interested in accumulating Reputation points as quickly as possible, there are some methods that you can use.

How to gain Artisan’s Consortium Reputation Points

Players who are interested in collecting Reputation points should complete the Crafting order quests, which are the main source of Artisan’s Consortium Reputation Points.

This weekly quest requires that you complete 5 crafting quests. Each character gets the opportunity to complete this quest weekly.

Furthermore, you can complete profession quests, which can be acquired by talking to your Profession Trainer. Keep in mind that you have to be on level 50 in your profession to unlock these quests.

Players can also complete collection quests, for which you have to go out into the Dragon Isles and harvest a specific reagent.

Where is Artisan’s Consortium located?

There are several places around the Dragon Isles that house Artisan’s Consortium members. However, the main hub of this faction is in Valdrakken, which is the main city of Dragonflight.

In the main hub you will find Rabul, who is the Quartermaster of this faction. If you want to talk to Rabul, you have to enter Valdrakken and go to Artisan’s Market. Rabul can be found in the middle of The Obsidian Enclave and The Artisan’s Market.

In addition to being the Quartermaster of The Artisan’s Consortium, Rabul also sells templates: Artisan’s Consortium.

WoW: Artisan’s Consortium Rep
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Artisan’s Consortium rewards

As you advance through the Reputation levels, you will earn a variety of rewards. Depending on your professions, you may receive more rewards than others. Some of the rewards that you can earn are:

Category Item Cost Reputation required
General rewards Dusty Enchanter’s Research 100 Artisan’s Mettle Preferred
General rewards Artisan’s Consortium Tabard 1000 Gold Esteemed
Inscription rewards Technique: Contract Artisan’s Consortium 200 Gold Valued
Inscription rewards Technique: Draconic Missive of Crafting Speed 75 Artisan’s Mettle Preferred
Alchemy rewards Recipe: Aerated Phial of Quick Hands 75 Artisan’s Mettle Respected
Blacksmithing rewards Plans: Primal Razorstone 75 Artisan’s Mettle Valued
Cooking rewards Recipe: Ooey-Gooey Chocolate 200 Gold Esteemed
Enchanting rewards Formula: Enchant Tool- Draconic Perception 75 Artisan’s Mettle Valued
Engineering rewards Schematic: Portable Alchemist’s Lab Bench 75 Artisan’s Mettle Respected
Tailoring rewards Pattern: Vibrant Polishing Cloth 75 Artisan’s Mettle Valued

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