Lost Ark: Inferno Valtan rewards

Gamers will not receive gold, materials, and gear rewards for completing Inferno Valtan raid in Lost Ark, instead, you will earn achievements and titles.

Lost Ark is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) video game that invites you to enjoy player-versus-environment gameplay. The game is focused on exploration, questing, achievement, and collectable hunting.

You can also enjoy a player-versus-player gaming mode, in which you can fight other players in Lost Ark.

Before you start your adventure, you must create and customise a character. Players can level up their character by completing the questline. Once you reach level 50, you will gain access to endgame dungeons and raids.

One of the Legion raids you can attempt is Valtan, which has 2 modes. The mode you complete determines the rewards you receive.

What are Legion Raids?

Legion Raids are difficult team-based activities which require teamwork to understand and execute strategy to counter each Legion Commander’s mechanics, skills, and characteristics.

In the current version, gamers with a Lost Ark account can attempt to defeat Valtan, Vykas, the Beast, Covetous Legion Commanders, and Kakhul Saydon.

Each commander has 3 difficulty modes that you can choose from, including normal, hard, and inferno. The latter is reserved for elite gamers, as it requires thorough preparation.

Lost Ark: Inferno Valtan rewards

Valtan introduced the first Legion Raid into the Western version of Lost Ark. You can enter the raid through a structure that is in all major cities.

Lost Ark: Inferno Valtan rewards
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It has different difficulty modes for players. The normal mode requires a character who has level 1415 gear equipped and the most difficult mode, or the Inferno mode, requires level 1445 gear or higher.

It is noteworthy that the rewards you get for completing the raid is determined by the difficulty mode. However, the inferno raid was not designed for players to farm materials.

Due to how challenging this mode is, developers decided that it would not reward more resources, since it would be inefficient.

The Valtan Inferno mode was made purely for prestige and recognition. In other words, you mainly receive titles and achievements. These accolades can be displayed for everyone in Lost Ark to see, so players can gain the respect and status that they crave.

By completing the Inferno Valtan, you will earn:

  • Title: Commander of the Beast Slayer
  • Title: Beast’s Roar, which can only be acquired by completing Inferno without retrying
  • Beast Beast’s Power (Commander’s Subjugation Seal)
  • Valtan, Ruler of Demonic Beast (Territory Installation)
  • Card Item: Valtan
  • Silence on the Turbulent Earth Achievement. It can be earned by defeating Valtan at the Heart of the Resurrected Beast
  • Huh, It’s Nothing Achievement. Players can earn it by defeating the Predator of the Black mountain during the final stage of the gate within 2 minutes
  • Where do you Crawl! Achievement. You can only acquire it by defeating the Lord of the Torn Beast in the last stage of the gate within 2 minutes
  • The Rule of the Black Mountain Sleeps Here Achievement. You have to complete the Inferno without retrying to get the achievement

Differences between the Normal mode, Hard mode, and Inferno mode

The biggest difference between the Hard mode and the Inferno mode is that the Scale of Balance is applied. Since the raid calls for the usage of the Book of Coordination, everyone in the party’s equipment is normalised against the level of your Legion Commander opponent.

You cannot reach halfway in the Inferno mode and return at a later stage as the gate progression mechanism will not be in operation.

Unlike the Inferno mode, players are rewarded with materials, gear, gold, and other useful items for completing the normal mode of the Valtan.

Recommended battle items

There are 2 gates that you have to clear to successfully complete the Inferno Valtan. To complete the gate, your character has to use specific items, which is determined by their role in the raid. The recommended items for each gate are:

Gate and Role Recommended items
Gate 1 damage dealers
  • Elemental health point potion
  • Sacred Charm
  • Dark Grenade
  • Atropine Potions
Gate 1 support
  • Elemental health point potion
  • Sacred Charm
  • Dark Grenade or Whirlwind Grenade
  • Luterra’s Horn or Stimulant
Gate 2 damage dealers
  • Elemental health point potion
  • Destruction bomb
  • Dark Grenade or Flame Grenade
  • Time Stop Potion
Gate 2 support
  • Elemental health point potion
  • Destruction bomb or Corrosive bomb
  • Dark Grenade or Flame Grenade
  • Time Stop potion

What is the Book of Coordination?

As previously stated, the Inferno Valtan in Lost Ark uses the Book of Coordination, which allows you to set up and customise your characters for the raid. Players can access it through the game Menu, which has many items.

Players can get level 8 gems, level 3 engravings, maximum skill trees, and skill runes, among other things.

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