Lost Ark: When to use Fused Leapstone

It is recommended that players use Fused Leapstones to upgrade their weapons and gear when they reach level 1415 in Lost Ark.

In this fictitious video game, Lost Ark, players can experience role-playing and exploration elements. Since the game primarily focuses on the player-versus-environment, you can explore a vast open world, while hunting achievements and collectibles.

Although Lost Ark features an array of activities that you can enjoy, you should focus on completing the main story arc.

When you start playing the game, your focus should be on increasing your character’s level. After reaching level 50, you will gain access to the endgame raids. Endgame raids require powerful endgame gear and weapons.

One of the ways that you can upgrade your weapons is by using Fused Leapstones, however, most players do not know when to use them.

Fused Leapstones

Fused Leapstones can improve gear in Lost Ark by targeting the item level. Rather than being a collection of crafting materials, the Fused Leapstones are 1 consumable item. It is thus described as Honing in a different form.

Honing your gear is the most important thing you can do during the endgame phase of Lost Ark. By using a Fused Leapstone, you can upgrade your gear further. This means that you do not have to use Gold, Silver, and Stones to upgrade an item.

One thing that players should note is that using Fused Leapstones to upgrade your weapons and gear should not replace Honing.

Lost Ark: When to use Fused Leapstone

Once your character has an item of level 1415 or higher, you can obtain and use Fused Leapstones. Upgrading your gear and weapons using Fused Leapstones can thus only be used when you reach item level 1415.

Before you can use the item, you must procure it by completing the Valtan Legion Raid, which introduced the first Legion Raid into the Western Version of Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: When to use Fused Leapstone
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Players can enter the raid through a structure, which is in all major cities. Alternatively, you can access the raid from your Integrated Dungeon menu.

Lost Ark: When to use Fused Leapstone
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After acquiring a Fused Leapstone, you can go to any Gear Honing non-player character, which can be found in major cities. These NPCs can be identified by a hammer icon on the map.

Players have to interact with the NPC to open the Honing Menu. In the new menu, you will discover the Special Honing tab. By selecting this tab, you can upgrade any weapon or gear piece.

After selecting the item that you want to upgrade, you will notice the success rate of a honing completion. The percentage of success is generally low, but this does not necessarily mean a failure. The success or failure of honing is randomly generated.

Bear in mind that you have to upgrade the item to the maximum level before you can use a Fused Leapstone. Players should also note that you need a specific number of Leapstones for every item.

Valtan Legion Raid

The Valtan Legion Raid is a difficult team-based activity that requires teamwork to understand and execute the strategy to defeat a powerful Legion Commander. Each commander in the raid possesses unique mechanics, skills, and characteristics.

There are 3 difficulty modes that you can attempt to complete the Valtan raid in, namely normal, hard, and inferno. It is advised that you first complete the normal mode before challenging yourself with the difficult mode.

When you complete the normal and hard mode, you will get numerous rewards, including gold, gear, materials, and Fused Leapstones. However, players will not get these items if they complete the inferno mode.

Can Fused Leapstones be stocked?

If you do not want to use your Fused Leapstones after acquiring them, you can keep them in your inventory until you want to use them.

This means that the Fused Leapstones do not disappear from your inventory after a certain period of time.

It is recommended that you save your Leapstones until you have enough to upgrade a weapon or gear piece, but you can also save them for when you have reached a higher level.

Players generally farm and save an item, such as Fused Leapstones, before a new activity, boss, or feature becomes available in Lost Ark. Doing so allows you to upgrade the new gear immediately after getting it.

Do Fused Leapstones form part of the Artisan’s Energy system?

The Artisan’s Energy system gives players a guaranteed upgrade if they fail a certain number of attempts.

Unfortunately, this system does not apply to Fused Leapstones, which means that you could fail 100 attempts to upgrade your weapons or gear, or you may get it right the first time.

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