Lost Ark: Bingo

You have to play bingo during the final phase of the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid in Lost Ark, and you should pay attention to the Bingo Fear.

Lost Ark is an exhilarating massively multiplayer online role-playing game that invites you to explore a vast open world. The game revolves around a player-versus-player gaming mode, which enables players to hunt achievements, defeat enemies, and complete an array of quests.

Even though Lost Ark’s focus is on PvE (player-versus-environment), it features a player-versus-player gaming mode, which allows you to fight other players.

Before you embark upon your adventure, you have to create a character and obtain experience points to increase his or her level.

Once you reach a specific level, you get access to Legion Raids. One of the raids you can complete is Kakul-Saydon: The Mad Clown and it features numerous minigames, including bingo.

What is a Legion Raid?

Legion Raids allow 8 players in 2 teams of 4 to complete a series of dungeons, with a powerful boss at the end.

These raids can be completed in varying difficulty modes, including normal, hard, or inferno mode. The rewards you can get for completing the raid depends on the difficulty mode that you select.

Legion Raids are end-game content, and they should thus only be attempted by endgame players.

You should also bear in mind that 1 character on your account can complete up to a maximum of 3 different Legion Raids per week. Since there are 3 Legion Raids, you can complete all of them once a week.

Lost Ark: Bingo

Every Legion Raid in Lost Ark has different gates, each of which has its own rewards and chests. The gates can be completed independently with a different group, but you cannot enter a gate until all the previous gates are completed.

The Kakul-Saydon: The Mad Clown raid contains 3 gates that you have to complete to earn rewards. Once you reach the final gate, you will notice that each player in your party will transform into a clown.

As a clown, it is your responsibility to complete minigames. This can be quite tricky, as every player can only complete 1 minigame.

Lost Ark: Bingo
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The minigames will continue until the boss has reached 0 health points. When this happens, all the players in the party will be transported to another platform to play bingo. Saydon’s timer will then reset to 14 hours and the health point bar will reset to 77 bars.

The bingo platform has 2 skull icons on 2 different tiles. At every interval, approximately every 20 and 30 seconds, a bomb icon will appear above a random player in the party’s head. The player with the bomb has to place it on a title and attempt to hit 5 skull tiles in a row.

Each bomb drop causes the tile itself, and the 4 adjacent tiles to flip. This means that if the tile has a skull icon, it will flip to a clean tile and the clean tiles will flip to feature a skull icon.

You can only place 3 bombs before Saydon will start performing his elimination mechanic. If you line up 5 of the skull icons in a row, you have a bingo.

If you achieve a bingo, you will prevent the wipe mechanic and Saydon will deal damage to himself.


Sidereals are individuals who fight against the Fetranian Invasion. After the second invasion, they took it upon themselves to safeguard the fragments of the Ark that were used to drive out the Fetranian threat by hiding them all across the realm of Arkesia.

Players can summon 3 Sidereals in a Legion Raid to assist them during a fight against a boss. If you are stuck at the Bingo phase, it is recommended that you summon Inanna, as she can prevent the wipe mechanic from taking place.

If you use Inanna, keep in mind that you may need to perform additional bingo hits later.

Bingo fear

During the bingo phase of the Kakul Saydon Legion Raid in Lost Ark, your party may encounter the Bingo Fear. The boss will teleport to a random player on the bingo platform and turn his back on them. While his back is turned, he will cast a blue beam towards the other players.

If any player in the party is facing Saydon’s front, he or she will get the fear effect and they will be blinded by darkness.

To prevent this from happening, it is advisable that you pay attention to when Saydon is teleporting. When he is teleporting, you should turn your back on him as quickly as possible to avoid being hit by the fear effect.

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