Does it snow in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy features seasons such as winter, and therefore, you will encounter snow as you progress in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is a recently-released video game that allows players to explore the Wizarding World universe. It is based on the Harry Potter novels, though it is set before the events of the novels.

Since there are different seasons in the novels, many players are curious about whether it snows in the game.

Can you change the season in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unfortunately, players cannot change the seasons in the game. The game does not allow you to change the seasons as the periodic seasonal changes are designed to be part of the game’s experience.

Avalanche Software, the developer of the game, has revealed several previews of changing seasons and weather patterns ahead of the game’s release.

The weather in the game is therefore solely in the developer’s control and you cannot change your current weather or season patterns.

That being said, you can change the day-night cycle of the game since the day-night cycle influences certain events and classes during the course of the game.

Does it snow in Hogwarts Legacy?

Like real life, Hogwarts Legacy goes through seasonal changes. This means that players will experience spring, summer, fall, and winter in the game as different graphic appearances as the game progresses through the seasons.

The effect of seasons is both visual and gameplay-oriented as it changes the way you approach certain locations and challenges during different seasons.

Several players have wondered if it snows in Hogwarts Legacy. When you reach Winter in the game, you may experience snowfall.

Snowfall does not only affect Hogwarts and its surrounding areas, but Hogsmeade as well, as different buildings change thematically.

As you approach winter, you may discover several new features, including snowmen, snowball fights, and snow-covered mountains. Players may also encounter easter eggs as they explore the winter wonderland.

When you come across a snowman in Hogwarts Legacy, you can interact with it by casting spells. This will trigger the snowman to throw snowballs at you, but if you keep casting spells at it, the snowman will eventually melt.

Although you will not get any items from the melted snowman, it is a fun easter egg that you can enjoy while progressing in Hogwarts Legacy.

In addition to snowfall, you can enjoy a newly-decorated Great Hall, with candle-lit dinners as the soft snow falls lightly onto the ground.

Since it is a magical building, the snow will disappear before it hits the ground, to avoid the entire Great Hall being covered in snow.

When do seasons change?

The first time a season changes is after you complete the main quest, Percival Rackham’s Trial. The season will then change from the default summer season to autumn. The table below lists when the seasons change:

Quest Season after quest completion
Percival Rackham’s Trial Autumn
Charles Rookwood’s Trial Winter
The Final Repository Spring

The seasons are thus dependent on your progress in Hogwarts Legacy. If you rush the game, the seasons will change quicker. However, if you play the game at a steady pace, the seasons will change slower.

Will you miss content if the seasons change?

Many players are worried that they will miss out on some of the side quests when the seasons change. Luckily, the developers programmed the game in such a way that there is no side content that you can miss if the season change.

Therefore, you can complete the side missions in the game whenever you want to. Although the side missions are not mandatory, it is recommended that you do complete them as they provide insight about the game’s lore and story.

What changes visually with the seasons?

The main difference between seasons is the way Hogwarts and areas outside the school appear. Different elements in the world, such as the designs of places and foliage, change to suit the theme of the current season in the game.

Although the seasons change, the game’s story and quests do not change. However, you may have a difficult time completing some of the quests in a certain season.

This is because the quest may require that you do something in summer, and even though it is not impossible, you may find it difficult to complete such a quest in winter.

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