How to create a Snow Golem in Minecraft

Players can create a Snow Golem in Minecraft by placing a carved pumpkin or a jack o-lantern on top of two blocks of snow.

Minecraft can be a very dangerous place with all the mobs, and sometimes players need guardians to protect them. Snow Golems are utility mobs that players can create to protect them. They are useful in defending artic bases from intruders, as they will throw snowballs at hostile mobs. Snow Golems are very similar to Iron Golems, however, they can only survive in cold biomes and will begin to melt if it gets too hot.

Unfortunately, players cannot craft a Snow Golem. However, players are able to spawn the Snow Golem by placing a carved pumpkin or a jack o-lantern on top of two blocks of snow. It does not matter how the blocks are placed, the Golem will still spawn. These Golems can also spawn naturally when a pumpkin grows next to two snow blocks. However, this is only applicable to the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

The snowballs the Golems throw at any hostile mob will not do any damage, however, it will knock back the enemy. They are mainly used as a way to alert players of mobs nearby. Players are able to place their Snow Golems near their arctic base for extra defence. Snow Golems can also be used to kill Blazes, however, players need to buff them with an appropriate dose of potions of fire resistance.

Players can also use their Snow Golems to farm snow, as the Golem leaves a snow trail wherever he goes. The only thing a player needs to do is build a one-by-one room and build a Snow Golem inside. Then, the player should enter the room and aim at the ground with a spade in their hand. Players should ‘attack’ the ground as they can quickly harvest a lot of snow in the form of snowballs.

The Snow Golems will take damage in biomes with a high temperature, such as the Badlands, deserts, and Nether biomes. They can also receive damage from rain, so Golems located in rainy biomes should be covered.

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