D2R: Festive Buffs

During the D2R 22 Nights of Terror Event, you can acquire Festive Buffs, but this has caused some confusion among players.

Diablo II: Resurrected (D2R) is a popular  action role-playing video game that is set in the infamous realm of Sanctuary.

Although it is a remaster of Diablo II, the core gameplay remains unchanged. Similarly to other Diablo titles, you can enjoy various events in this game. One of the events in D2R is 22 Nights of Terror, during which you can receive Festive Buffs.

What is a buff?

In role-playing titles, a status effect, otherwise referred to as a buff, is a temporary modification of a game character’s original stats.

These usually come into play when powers and abilities are used. A buff generally gives a character an advantage, such as increased attributes, defensive barriers, and regeneration.

Debuffs hinder a character by decreasing attributes, degeneration, or incapacitation. Some classes in D2R have skills that can buff allies or debuff enemies. However, sometimes you can also acquire buffs while you are progressing in the game.

D2R: Festive Buffs

D2R’s developer, Blizzard, recently announced a new holiday celebration, 22 Nights of Terror. From 13 December 2022 until 4 January 2023 the fabric of Sanctuary will be altered every 24 hours, revealing a new modifier through the in-game Message of the Day.

D2R: Festive Buffs
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The modifier will last for the next 24 hours before another modifier is announced. Players can enjoy the 22 Nights of Terror holiday event in all online game modes, except for Classic Diablo II.

The Festive Buffs have caused some confusion among D2R players, as the buff is for the 24 hour period is not disclosed. The Message of the Day reads, “Home of the Holidays. A Certain level is the only terrorized zone. Festive buffs for all online heroes, except Classic.”

Players therefore do not know what the festive buff is, as the in-game message does not reveal detailed information about it.

Some players have revealed that the buff is allegedly a terrorized cow zone, and you will get a redemption aura effect on kill, but it is unknown whether this grants redemption bonuses.

You should remember that the terrorized cow zone was only active on 13 December 2022 and 14 December 2022. This is because the modifier and the buff change regularly.

At the time of writing this, it is undetermined what the next buff or terror zone modifiers will be. Players thus have to patiently wait for the terror zone modifier and festive buffs to change if they want to learn more about them.

Terror Zones

Blizzard announced in September 2022 that they added a new feature, called Terror Zones, to D2R. Every hour, one of the game’s locations will become Terrorized. However, not every area is eligible, and no zone will not be terrorized twice consecutively.

A Terrorized zone generally spans higher-level monsters, at least 2 levels higher than your character’s level, specifically. Players can defeat these enemies to get experience points and valuable loot.

You have to complete Act V on a difficulty  to unlock the ability to create games with Terror Zones with that difficulty enabled. That being said, you can join the games of other players with the feature enabled without restriction.

Will D2R release the upcoming modifiers and buffs?

It is highly unlikely that D2R will release a complete list that details the upcoming modifiers and buffs. The 22 Nights of Terror event makes players extremely curious about what the following modifier and buff will be, and therefore, players enjoy D2R more.

However, their is possible that players who have figured out the new Terror Zone and buff will post them on the official Discord channel, or on the Reddit platform. If you are struggling to figure out the next buff or modifier, keep an eye on these platforms.

Which zones can become Terrorized?

As previously stated, not all zones are eligible to become terrorized. Some of the zones that can become Terrorized during the 22 Nights of Terror event are:

Act Zone
  • Stony Field
  • Blood Moor and Den of Evil
  • The Forgotten Tower
  • Jail
  • Cathedral and Catacombs
  • Moo Moo Farm
  • The Pit
  • Sewers
  • Rocky Waste and Stony Tomb
  • Far Oasis
  • Lost City, Valley of Snakes, and Claw Viper Temple
  • Arcane Sanctuary
  • Spider Forest and Spider Cavern
  • Kurast Sewers
  • Durance of Hate
  • Travincal
  • Outer Steppes and Plains of Despair
  • Chaos Sanctuary
  • River of Flame
  • Bloody Foothills
  • Frigid Highlands
  • Glacial Trail
  • Crystalline Passage and Frozen River
  • Ancient Way and Icy Cellar

It is vital to remember that these zones generally have a super unique monster that challenges players like never before. Once you have defeated these monsters, you can get the new and highly-desirable Sundering Charms.

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