D2R: Holiday event

From 13 December 2022 until 4 January 2023, D2R players can enjoy the game’s holiday event called 22 Nights of Terror.

In this thrilling role-playing game, Diablo II: Resurrected (D2R), gamers can enjoy updated graphics and network functions.

Although this is an updated version of Diablo II, the gameplay and item systems remain unchanged. Like with other Diablo titles, you can enjoy several events in D2R, one of which is the holiday event.

In-game events

During an in-game event, you can experience D2R in a new, explorative way for a limited time. These occasional features often motivate players to reopen and play a game that they may have been neglecting for some time previously.

When an event is active, you have to complete specific objectives to earn valuable rewards. Sometimes, the rewards that you can earn during an event can only be procured from that specific event.

Most in-game events have a theme that corresponds to real-life events, such as Christmas or Halloween. However, games tend to create their own themes to correspond to in-game events.

D2R: Holiday event

The official description of the D2R holiday event states that the air stirs with whimsey, perhaps even magic. However, subtle, joyous invocation permeates Sanctuary, casting rays of holiday celebration upon its inhabitants, or is it demonic trickery?

The magic from beyond is not the reason for the unremitting conflict between mortal and demon, though its nuances can still be felt.

It is up to you to see this holiday miracle through to the end. Players can sleigh their way through 22 Nights of Terror during the D2R holiday event.

D2R: Festive Buffs
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From 13 December 2022 until 4 January 2023, the fabric of the world will be altered every 24 hours. Players will get an in-game Message of the Day, which will reveal the new gameplay modifier. Every modifier is active for 24 hours.

The 22 Nights of Terror holiday event can be enjoyed in all online game modes, except for Classic Diablo II. Players can expect powerful loot, a dash of terror, and a new surprise to experience every day in the event.

The in-game Message of the Day, however, has caused some confusion amongst D2R players. The message reads, “Home for the Holidays. A Certain level is the only terrorized zone. Festive Buffs for all online heroes, except Classic.”

The modifier thus changes Terror Zones every 24 hours, and you have to find out which zone is being terrorized. Moreover, the Festive Buffs that you receive are not disclosed before the time.

Players thus do not know what the Festive Buff is, as the message does not provide detailed information about the buff.

What are the modifiers?

At the time of writing this, it is impossible to know what all the 22 Nights of Terror event modifiers will be. That being said, the first day was the Secret Cow Level, and players were able to go through the area’s portal without having to unlock it.

Blizzard, D2R’s developer, will not release more information regarding the modifiers as they seemingly want to keep players curious about what the next modifier will be. It is therefore up to players to discover the modifier every day.

However, you can use the official Discord server to find out what the modifier is for a specific day.

Are there enemies in the Terror Zones?

The Terror Zones were recently added to D2R  and one of the game’s locations will become terrorized and every hour. That being said, not all zones are eligible to become terrorized. When a zone is terrorized, you can generally find higher-level monsters.

The monsters are at least 2 levels higher than your character’s level. Although it might be difficult to kill these monsters, you will get experience points and valuable loot once you have conquered the monsters.

Bear in mind that you have to complete Act V on a certain difficulty to unlock the ability to create games with Terror Zones with that difficulty enabled.

Which rewards can you obtain during 22 Nights of Terror?

In addition to the loot that you earn from killing monsters, you can get extremely rare items. For every night that you successfully complete, powerful equipment and exciting surprises await you.

D2R players can allegedly get rare recipes that allow them to craft powerful equipment.

In order to acquire the most rewards, you should complete event missions on Nightmare difficulty. However, the easier difficulty-levels will reward you with many items, players can just receive the most loot on the Nightmare difficulty.

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