Warframe: Cinta blueprint

Players have to complete Enigma Puzzles in Warframe to acquire the blueprints that you need to have to get  the Cinta bow.

Players can enjoy futuristic elements in this adventurous video game, Warframe. You can take on the role of the Tenno, who comes from a race of ancient warriors.

The Tenno controls powerful Warframes to complete missions, explore a fictional universe and vanquish enemies.

One of the Warframe weapons that you can construct is Cinta, but you need specific blueprints to do so.


The Cinta is a Duviri bow typically wielded by the Dax Arcus. This weapon can fire “perfect” shots if you release the trigger just before a full charge. This results in a large projectile for dealing with groups of enemies.

Its Alternate Fire feature loads explosives to the arrow, causing the user to leap back and leave behind a cluster of landmines.

This weapon deals primarily puncture damage, but when you release the shot after 2/3 of a full charge, it will deal pure heat damage. This shot is indicated by white brackets and the reticle will turn yellow.

Warframe: Cinta blueprint

Before you can use a Cinta, you have to build it, which requires blueprints. You can procure Cinta’s main and component blueprints by solving the Enigma puzzles in the Duviri Experience.

Duviri is an open-world destination, however, players can only access it if they have completed the Duviri Paradox quest. Duviri’s core feature is The Duviri Experience, which invites you to experience every aspect of this open world.

Players have to complete 6 stage objectives and destroy the Orowyrm boss to complete this activity. You can also complete side missions before you attempt to defeat Orowyrm. Although the side content is not mandatory, we recommend that you complete it.

This is because side missions are very rewarding. Players can receive Duviri resources and Drifter Intrinsics for completing the side missions. While you are exploring the open world, you can use your second ability to discover nearby side objectives.

As for the Duviri Enigmas, they are special puzzles that you can find while exploring Duviri. They center around a Paragrimm Hutch with a set of 3 symbols arranged vertically.

You will also find an owl-like creature, which is known as a Paragrimm, sitting on top of the hutch.

You have to shoot 3 nearby drums to match the symbols to open the cache in the hitch. Keep in mind, however, that the puzzle has several variations, which can make them more difficult to solve.

Puzzle variations

It is noteworthy that some drums possess a target which opens and closes them. Alternatively, you can find pressure pads or other drums that can be used to open the drums.

Drums opened with this method will have a protrusion in the general directions of the previous, and the following, elements in the chain.

Some drums that you open may be empty. You have to acquire a nearby disc and throw it into the empty drum with Alternate Fire. Keep in mind that the disc may be ejected with a target beneath the drum.

Although most puzzles can be solved solo, some hutches require 2 players to open and solve the puzzle. However, these puzzles only appear in a squad of 2 or more players.

Can the Cinta blueprints be traded?

Allegedly, all Cinta blueprints are tradeable, but this excludes the main blueprint. Unfortunately, this means that you have to complete the Enigma Puzzles if you want to build the Cinta.

However, you can only complete the puzzle until you have procured the main blueprint and purchased the additional blueprints required to build the weapon.

If you would rather save your in-game currencies, you can complete the puzzles until you have all the required blueprints.

Completion of Enigma puzzles awards players with various Duviri resources, Enigma Gyrum and a chance to obtain a Cinta main or part blueprint.

It is therefore not guaranteed that you will receive a Cinta blueprint when you complete the puzzle. Therefore, Warframe players may have to complete the puzzle several times before they get a blueprint.

Manufacturing requirements

For each Cinta blueprint, specific materials and items need to be built. Below, all the components of the Cinta and the required materials are outlined:

Component Material
  • 15 000 Credits
  • 40 Kovnik
  • 6 Maw Fang
  • 50 Lamentus
  • 80 Aggristone
Lower Limb
  • 15 000 Credits
  • 40 Kovnik
  • 100 Ariette Scale
  • 50 Lamentus
  • 20 Siphsela
  • 15 000 Credits
  • 40 Connla Sprout
  • 20 Tasoma Extract
  • 50 Lamentus
  • 75 Saggen Pearls
Upper Limb
  • 15 000 Credits
  • 40 Yao Shrubs
  • 60 Dracroot
  • 50 Lamentus
  • 80 Aggristone

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