Warframe: Free Archon Shard

If you watched Warframe’s Devstream 169, you would have been able to claim a free Archon Shard if you linked your Warframe account to your Twitch account.

Warframe is an action role-playing third-person shooter online game that takes place in a futuristic world.

You can control members of the Tenno, which is a race of ancient warriors. They use their powered Warframes along with weapons and abilities to complete missions.

There are several items that you can use on your Warframe, such as Archon Shards. Players were able to acquire a free shard during Devstream 169.

What are Archon Shards?

Archon Shards are upgrade materials that can be equipped on your Warframes. These shards grant your Warframe defensive, offensive, or utility statistics.

Moreover, players should keep in mind that Warframes can only have up to 5 Shards equipped at a time.

In order to unlock the ability to earn and equip Archon Shards, you have to complete the Veilbreaker quest,. Furthermore, you need to craft the subsequent Helminth component.

We recommend that early-game and mid-game players do not focus on Archon Shards, as this is an endgame progression system. This system gives gamers more options for experimentation and can free up mod space for some Warframe builds.

Warframe: Free Archon Shard

On Wednesday, 22 March 2023, Warframe’s developer, Digital Extremes, hosted Devstream 169 on its official Twitch channel.

The stream was both a showcase of some new content that you can expect and also a retrospective on everything that players have tried and learned about the game over the past decade.

Since it is Warframe’s 10th anniversary, the developers gave away several free items during the Devstream. One of the items you were able to claim was a free Archon Shard. However, you had to watch the livestream in order to claim this item.

Warframe: Free Archon Shard
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Moreover, you had to link your Warframe account with your Twitch account to claim the drop during the stream.

If you watched the livestream for a certain time period, you were able to claim the free Archon Shard. Once you claim the shard, you will receive the item in Warframe either through the in-game mail system or in your inventory.

Unfortunately, if you did not watch the livestream, you will not have been able to claim the free Archon Shard. Unfortunately, if you watch the stream now, you will not be able to claim the free shard.

This is because the developers usually include free items during streams to attract players to watch the stream in real time.

But if you missed out on the free Archon Shard, do not fret, as you can still farm the shard in Warframe, though it may be time consuming.

How to acquire Archon Shards

If you did not claim the free Archon Shard during Devstream 169, you need to farm the item in the game.

Archon Shards are procured from Chipper and the weekly Archon Hunt activity. Keep in mind that you can only complete this activity once you have completed the Veilbreaker quest.

Players can access Archon Hunt from the Star Chart menu in the upper right corner of the user interface.

Archon Hunts are similar to Sorties, as it is a three-stage mission in which you have to vanquish powerful enemies and various modifiers.

Archon boss

The Archon Hunt always ends with an Archon boss fight for the final mission. These enemies are incredibly difficult to defeat as they deal a lot of damage. You have to kill the final boss to claim an Archon Shard.

The shard that drops is determined by the Archon that you killed:

Boss Shard
Boreal Azure
Amar Crimson
Nira Amber

Each shard has a unique effect on your Warframe. Azure can be used to upgrade a Warframe’s survivability stats, and Crimson increases your weapon and ability statistics. Amber, however, can upgrade utility statistics.

How to equip an Archon Shard

Whether you acquired a shard from the Devstream or you completed the Archon Hunt, you have to equip it on your character to activate it.

Installing a shard requires a crafted Helminth Archon Shard Segment. You can acquire this blueprint by completing the Veilbreaker quest.

After crafting the segment, you have to install it in your Helminth chair to unlock the Archon Shard system. In the Helminth menu, select the “Archon Shard” tab, which will display your Warframe’s current Archon Shard slots.

You can select one of the slots to equip an Archon Shard. All shards that are owned are displayed in the top-right corner of the menu.

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