Mighty Party: Journey guide

Mighty Party features different gaming modes for players to enjoy, one of which is Journey, a story mode where you can defeat various bosses.


In the fast-paced online card game, Mighty Party, players can enjoy exciting role-playing elements. The official description reveals that even though it is a very simple game, many players find it quite addictive. To succeed in the game, you have to select a card to place a character on the battlefield. Players can win the battle in only 3 minutes.

You can collect and evolve hundreds of heroes with unique skills and abilities as you progress in the game. When you have enough heroes, you can build a squad with which to enjoy the various gaming modes and activities offered. It is worth noting that there are endless possible combinations of squads, but some combinations perform better in certain situations than others.

Why are squads important?

The most important part of this gaming experience is your squad of heroes. You need your heroes just as much as they need you. Your squad is your main team that fights opponents on the battlefield. It usually consists of a Warlord, a pet, and 8 distinct heroes.

Players cannot participate in the in-game activities or the gaming modes if they do not have a full squad. Moreover, you will have a difficult time defeating your enemies if you do not have enough characters in your collection to build a complete squad.

That being said, you will have limited cards when you first start playing, but you can obtain more as you reach different leagues.

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Mighty Party: Journey guide

As previously mentioned, players can enjoy varying gaming modes, one of which is the Journey. This is a story mode where you have to protect the peaceful Pangea and its inhabitants from those who want to destroy it.

When you start this mode, you will discover that it is a one-time experience. This means that there is no way to repeat a battle with the same boss once it has been defeated. The Journey is significantly linear and simple, as it is divided into 3 islands. Each island has 3 sectors and their own set of bosses.

Players will have unlimited attempts at defeating the bosses on the islands as their stamina does not reduce when participating in this mode. Keep in mind that you will be fighting artificial intelligence (AI) enemies in Journey mode.

If you have a bad starting hand in a battle, or the AI has an amazing hand, it is recommended that you surrender and try the fight again. You may receive a better hand when you attempt to fight the boss again.

Why should you participate in the Journey?

Though the Journey may seem unimportant, it can have a substantial influence on your gameplay. This is because you can receive a huge number of resources as rewards, including the in-game currency, Gold. You can obtain rewards from the following:

  • Gem Fund
  • Trophies
  • Defeating bosses
  • Reward Chests

The Gold and experience earned per minute in the reward chest will increase with every boss you defeat. This means that you will earn a very low amount of Gold when you first start this mode, however, by the end you will obtain 9.4 Gold per minute.

Which heroes should you use for the Journey?

There are more than 300 different cards for you to collect and play with. The variety of cards can make it difficult to choose heroes for the Journey, but it is recommended that you use Legendary cards to make your Journey mode easier. The table below indicates some of the Legendary cards you can use for the Journey:

Card name Description

Madam Lo’Trix

She summons 2 puppets per turn to block the enemy. She also has the ability to cleanse negative effects while gaining power.

Justia, Law Goddess

This hero is one of the best for the Journey, thanks to her ability, Miss. She applies Miss on a random enemy each time an enemy enters the battlefield. This effect prevents any unit with miss, and without accuracy from attacking.

Ysh’Tmala, The Old God

This card has immunity, which makes him immune to most enemy effects. He can also freeze all ranged enemies.
Mighty Party Journey guide
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Battlefield format

You will find a 12-cell grid format to place your heroes on the battlefield. The placement of your heroes is not really important during the early stages, but as you reach higher levels, their placement becomes vital.

The following table indicates the battlefield format:

A1 A2 A3
B1 B2 B3
C1 C2 C3
D1 D2 D3

In some situations, it is very important to start with specific cards in specific locations. The grid is made of 4 different rows, namely A, B, C and D. It also features 3 columns; 1, 2 and 3. Some heroes have recommended placements in the grid. For instance, if D3 is advised, it means the bottom right corner.

Final thoughts

Mighty Party is a fast-paced online card game that invites players to enjoy explorative role-playing elements. The description states that even though it is a very simple game, many players find it quite addictive. To succeed in the game, you only have to select a card to place a character on the battlefield. Players can win the battle in about 3 minutes.

The game features different gaming modes, one of which is the Journey. It is a story mode that consists of 3 distinct islands where you can fight artificial intelligence enemies. It is advised that you participate in this mode, as you could receive various resources.

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