Mighty Party: Alexandria

Mighty Party features more than 300 different heroes that you can collect, one of which is Alexandria, a legendary hero with powerful healing skills


Mighty Party allows players to experience imaginative gameplay elements in this fast-paced online card game. The gameplay and mechanics are quite simple, and to be successful in the game, you only have to click on a card to place a character on the battlefield. It is alleged that you only need 3 minutes to win a battle.

The game features more than 300 distinct heroes you can obtain. Each hero has unique skills and abilities, which they can use in any of the various gaming modes. Players can choose which heroes they want in their squad, which generally consists of a Warlord, a pet and 8 heroes.

What are the different types of heroes?

The game features numerous heroes for you to collect and play with. Keep in mind that all the heroes are divided into different categories, depending on their rarity, type, alignment, and gender. The hero type refers to the restrictions imposed on where they can be placed on the battlefield. Moreover, it outlines which actions they can perform while in battle.

The following table indicates the different types of heroes and a description of each:

Type Description


Building heroes can be placed anywhere on the battlefield, but they do not have the ability to attack.


They are restricted to the back two columns on the battlefield. These heroes can attack through friendly heroes in front of them


Melee heroes are restricted to the front two columns. Keep in mind that they cannot attack if another hero is in front of them.

Mighty Party: Alexandria

One of the heroes that you can collect in Mighty Party is Alexandria, who is a powerful healer. Her services cost more than you can imagine. She is a Legendary hero, which means that it is quite difficult to get her. She forms part of the ranged category, so she is able to attack enemies even if there are other heroes in front of her.

Alexandria mighty party
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It is important for players to note that they will only be able to obtain her once they have reached League 4. A league is the status that indicates your level in the game. It is determined by Fame Points, which you can earn by participating in battles only made in the Hall of Fame.

Similarly to other heroes, Alexandria has unique skills and abilities. She is able to summon Little Life Palace on the battlefield. This skill can heal your squad’s Warlord and allies as the battle progresses. Moreover, Alexandria removes all negative effects from allies at the end of a turn, and can also place a silence buff on enemy heroes.

Alexandria’s statistics

All the heroes in the game feature different statistics, which increase as they gain more levels. The statistics determine how powerful the heroes are. This means that some heroes in the game might be more powerful than others. The following table indicates Alexandria’s statistics at level 31:

Statistic Amount
Attack 258
Health 188
Bonus Gains 1 additional summon point
Might 4990
Troops 4655
Required League League 2

Which heroes do you need to Soulbind Alexandria?

Soulbinding is a function that grants permanent increases to a specific hero’s health or attack power. However, it is based on the level of other heroes. This feature only becomes available in League 26 and is available from the hero panel. The following table indicates the heroes you need to Soulbind Alexandria:

Soulbind Required heroes Required hero level
I – Void Jewl 2
II – Vanakauri

– Axe

III – Life Palace

– Prince Nod

IV – Goliath

– Athena

– Bastet


Is Alexandria one of the best heroes in the game?

Alexandria is a legendary hero, and this makes acquiring her extremely difficult. It is believed that the higher a hero’s rarity, the better they perform in the game. Since Alexandria forms part of the highest level of rarity, many players believe that she is one of the best heroes in the game.

Final thoughts

Mighty Party invites you to experience imaginative role-playing in this fast-paced online card game. The gameplay and mechanics are very simple and easy, and to be successful in the game, you only have to click on a card to place a character on the battlefield. It is alleged that you only need about 3 minutes to win a battle.

The game consists of more than 300 distinct heroes, and each one has unique skills and powers. One of the heroes that you can acquire is Alexandria; a powerful healer who performs best at the back of the battlefield.

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