FGO: Mordred

Players will discover that Mordred in Fate/Grand Order forms part of 2 categories, which means that they have different skills, statistics, and appearances in the respective categories.


Players can enjoy role-playing and strategy elements in this adventuresome mobile game, Fate/Grand Order (FGO). You can take on the role of a Master that summons and controls mighty characters called Servants. They are usually historical, literary, and mythological figures from a range of cultures.

When you first start playing the game, you will only have a few characters in your collection, but you will procure more as you progress in the game. Players can assemble a team and participate in battles once they have obtained enough Servants. A team generally consists of 6 Servants, where 3 characters are active members and the others are reserve members.

What is the objective of Servants?

The objective of having Servants is to advance in the game by winning battles. You will not be able to enjoy the game with no characters in your collection. Every Servant has unique strengths and talents that can be used to defeat enemies in battle.

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It is believed that your Servants need you just as much as you need them, because you have to strategically decide which Servant and which skills do you want to use when it is your turn in battle. It can thus be said that your Servants need your strategic abilities, and you, in turn, need their talents to succeed in the game.

FGO: Mordred

The Servants are divided into varying categories, based on their abilities, skills, and statistics, among other characteristics. However, it is possible for players to find identical characters in different categories. Instead, their appearances, skills, and statistics will differ.

That being said, you can find Mordred in both the Rider and Saber categories. Even if the 2 versions of the character have the same name, they do not share anything else. This means that their star-ratings, statistics, skills and the ways by which you can procure them are different.

fgo mordred
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Mordred’s statistics

Saber Mordred is rated 5-stars, while Rider Mordred is rated 4-stars. For this reason, it can be deduced that Saber Mordred is more powerful and better than Rider Mordred. The following table highlights some of their statistics:

Servant Level 100 Grail Attack Level 120 Grail Attack Attack (minimum / maximum) Level 100 Grail Health Level 120 Grail Health Health (minimum/ maximum)

Mordred (Saber)

12 833 15 063 1 811 / 11 723 16 083 18 901 2 153 / 14 680

Mordred (Rider)

11 154 13 096 1 535 / 9212 13 822 16 245 1824 / 11 400

Mordred’s skills

As stated above, all Servants feature different skills that can help you defeat enemies on the battlefield. The following table lists each version of Mordred’s active skills and gives a description of each:

Servant Skill Description

Mordred (Saber)

Mana Burst It increases her Buster performance for 1 turn
  Instinct She gains critical stars
  Secret of Pedigree: Helm of Hidden Infidelity This skill removes Mordred’s debuffs, but increases her defence for a turn

Mordred (Rider)

Cerulean Ride Increases her Arts performance for 3 consecutive turns
  Rodeo Flip This skill grants self-evasion for a turn, but also increases her critical star generation rate
  Perpetual Summer She gains a self-Guts status for a time during 3 turns

Can Mordred’s statistics be improved?

Most of the Servants in the game can go through a process called Ascension. It is a game mechanic that enables players to increase their characters’ maximum level and to unlock new art, skills, and battle sprites. Having a higher maximum level allows characters to be levelled up even more. However, you can only Ascend a Servant up to 4 times.

You can activate the Ascension process for both versions of Mordred to increase their statistics and power. Subsequently, they will become stronger and will win battles more easily. It is noteworthy that the Ascension process can be quite expensive, because you need certain materials to complete it.

fgo mordred
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Which materials are needed to Ascend Mordred?

Players should carefully decide which Servants they want to Ascend, as the process cannot be reversed once completed. This means that if you choose to Ascend the wrong character, you will lose all the materials used.

The following table lists the materials needed to Ascend both versions of Mordred according to the Ascension levels:

Ascension level

Mordred (Saber)

Mordred (Rider)

1 ·   5 Saber Pieces ·   4 Rider Pieces
2 ·   12 Saber Pieces

·   18 Dragon Fang

·   10 Rider Pieces

·   6 Seashell of Reminiscence

3 ·   5 Saber Monument

·   10 Octuplet Twin Crystals

·   2 Heart of a Foreign God

·   4 Rider Monument

·   16 Medal of Great Knight

·   10 Dragon Fang

4 ·   12 Saber Monument

·   4 Heart of a Foreign God

·   5 Dragon’s Reverse Scale

·   10 Rider Monument

·   20 Dragon Fang

·   4 Dragon’s Reverse Scale

Final thoughts

FGO is a popular mobile game that allows players to enjoy tactical role-playing elements. You can take on the role of a Master, who summons and controls powerful characters, known as Servants, to fight enemies in turn-based battles.

The Servants are divided into different categories based on their strengths, skills, and statistics, amongst others. You can discover Mordred in 2 different categories, but their appearances, skills, and statistics differ.

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