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There are several Servant categories in FGO, but it is possible for a character to form part of 2 categories, such as Rider and Lancer.


Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is an exciting mobile game in which players can enjoy strategic role-playing elements. You can assume the role of a Master who summons and controls powerful characters called Servants, to fight enemies in turn-based battles.

When you first start playing the game, you will only have a few Servants in your collection, but you can acquire more as you advance in the game. Servants are generally historical, mythological, and literary figures from various cultures. You can create a team made up of 6 Servants before every battle, where 3 characters serve as active members, and the others are reserve members.

Why are Servants important?

There are currently over 20 different Servants in the game, each of which feature unique skills and abilities that will help you defeat enemies. Characters are a crucial part of the game, as you would not be able to play the game without them. It can be said that your Servants need you just as much as you need them.

Furthermore, you will not be able to participate in events or activities without a Servant in your collection. This also means that you cannot complete quests or participate in battles. Consequently, you will not progress in the game.

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Fate/ Grand Order: Caenis

All the Servants in the game are divided into varying categories, which are determined by their talents, strengths, and characteristics. It is possible that you will find the same Servant in more than one category, but their skills, statistics, and appearances differ. One of the characters that you can find in both the Lancer and Rider category is Caenis.

Although most of their statistics, skills, and appearances are different, they are both rated 4-stars. The following table lists their different statistics:

Servant Attack

(minimum/ maximum)

Health (minimum/ maximum) Level 100 Grail Attack Level 120 Grail Attack Level 100 Grail Health Level 120 Grail Health
Caenis (Lancer) 1 649 / 9 896 1 845 / 11 532 11 982 14 068 13 982 16 433
Caenis (Rider) 1 440 / 9 506 1 881 / 10 854 10 464 14 068 14 259 16 433

How to acquire the different Caenis versions

It is noteworthy that the different versions of Caenis cannot be procured in the same way. The Lancer version can only be unlocked by completing Olympus, the main questline of the game. Once you have unlocked her, you will be able to summon her when you go to the summoning pool.

The Rider version of Caenis, on the other hand, is a limited-time Servant. They are only available during special summoning campaigns. This means that if there are no such campaigns active, you cannot summon the Rider Caenis.

fgo caenis
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Caenis’ skills

As previously mentioned, the two versions of Caenis have different strengths and talents. The following table outlines their skills, and gives a description of each:

Servant Skill Description

Caenis (Lancer)

Monstrous Strength It increases own attack for 2 turns
  Halberd of Pillaging This skill grans self on-attack-activate buff for 3 attacks
  Poseidon Blessing: Affection of the Sea God It reduces own damage taken for 3 attacks and grants self-guts status

Caenis (Rider)

Beach Crisis This skill increases the entire party’s attack for 3 turns
  Sea King-Style It increases own Arts and Buster performance for 3 turns
  Summertime Combat It grants self-guts status once, while gaining critical stars for 3 consecutive turns

What is the difference between Lancer and Rider?

There is a significant difference between the 2 classes. The following table lists some of the differences between Riders and Lancers:



They have a base damage multiplier of 1.05 times Riders have a base damage multiplier of 1 time
Lancers have a base star generation of 12 percent They have a base star generation rate of 9 percent
These Servants have a base star absorption of 90 Riders have a base star absorption of 200
They have a base death rate of 40percent These Servants have a base death rate of 50 percent
fgo caenis
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Final thoughts

Players can put their strategizing skills to the test in this role-playing mobile game, FGO. You can take on the role of a Master who can summon and control powerful characters known as Servants. Once you have acquired enough characters, you can accumulate a team to participate in the turn-based battles.

All of the Servants are divided into a range of categories, based on their strengths, abilities, and statistics.  It is possible to find the same Servant in different classes, but their skills, appearances, and statistics differ. This means that you can find Caenis in both the Lancer and Rider categories.

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