CRK: Milky Way Cookie

Milky Way Cookie is an Epic Cookie that players can procure in CRK and it is advised that you assign her to the front position.

Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) is a thrilling mobile game that invites gamers to experience adventurous role-playing.

The game features unique storylines and characters that you can collect and play with. The characters are referred to as Cookies and one of the Cookies that you can acquire is the Milky Way.

Cookies in CRK

There are currently more than 90 Cookies in CRK. However, at launch, the game only features 37 Cookies. Since its release, CRK has introduced various new Cookies to the game for players to collect. It is expected that the game will release more Cookies in the future.

A team contains5 Cookies, each with unique abilities and powers. Although battles are the main task of Cookies, they are also needed to perform crafting tasks in the Kingdom, as well as for Balloon Dock Expeditions.

Cookies are categorised by rarity, position, and type. This determines their relative Power potential and typical placement in a team’s composition.

CRK: Milky Way Cookie

One of the Cookies that you can collect in CRK is the Milky Way Cookie. She is an Epic Cookie and was released alongside the Moonlight Cookie during the first chapter of the Invitation from the Slumbering Moon update.

CRK: Milky Way Cookie
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Since she is a Charge Cookie, players should assign her to the frontline position during battle. Similarly to other Cookies in CRK, Milky Way Cookie possesses skills that players can use to vanquish enemies.

The table below describes Milky Way Cookie’s skill:

Skill name Description
Sugarcloud Express The skill’s official description reads : “Milky Way Cookie jumps onto her dream train, gaining a DMG Reduction buff and providing a Stun resistance buff for the entire team. Then she will push back the enemies several times, applying a DEF Reduction buff and dealing damage. Once she’s done with her shift, Milky Way Cookie will cast a Shield onto herself and the rest of the team. While Milky Way Cookie is using her skill, she briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. Being a dweller of the World of Dreams, Milky Way Cookie is not susceptible to the Beckoning Dreams effect.”

This skill deals regular self-healing that is equal to 57.7 percent of an attack. The locomotive charge periodic damage is equal to 12 ticks for 2 seconds, which is 62.1 percent per tick.

Furthermore, the locomotive charge deals additional damage when the target has a shield buff applied. Locomotive charge single hit defence is reduced by 3.5 percent for 7 seconds. However, bosses gain 3 hits stacking up to 25 times.

Moreover, her single hit deals 114.1 percent damage to cookies and 38 percent damage to others. Milky Way Cookie’s damage resistance is increased by 40 percent for 10 seconds and her stun duration is decreased by 50 percent for 10 seconds.

That being said, her block to herself blocks 20 percent of maximum health points for 3 seconds, whilst her block to allies blocks 15.5 percent of maximum health points for 3 seconds. The passive skill increases her healing received by 15 percent.

Milky Way Cookie’s appearance

Milky Way Cookie is a small cookie made out of white dough. She has large eyes with stars like pupils. Her floor-length white hair is tied in twintails, with a Star Jelly fitted in each twintail. Her hair has highlights of different colours at the end of her twintails.

She usually wears a black conductor’s hat and a black uniform with oversized sleeves. She also wears a white necktie and gold star-shaped accessories. Her appearance suits her skill perfectly, which is Sugarcloud Express.

How to acquire Milky Way Cookie

CRK features an in-game gacha system, which is the primary means of obtaining new Cookies, Soulstones, Costumes, and Treasures. In order to participate in the gacha system, you need to collect Crystals or special gacha items.

Crystals are the premium currency of CRK. They can be bought through micro-transactions in various quantities. However, you can also receive Crystals by purchasing shop packages.

In order to get Milky Way Cookie, players have to participate in the gacha system. Bear in mind that there is no guarantee that you will get her though, as the system functions similarly to roulette.

Which toppings should you use for Milky Way Cookie?

Although you can use any toppings for Milky Way Cookie, some toppings improve her performance on the battlefield. It is recommended that you use 5 Swift Choco Toppings for Milky Way Cookie. You can also use Moonkissed Swift Chocolate Toppings to get bonus statistics.

However, if you do not have Swift Choco Toppings, you can use 5 Solid Almond Toppings and you should use the Moonkissed Solid Almond Toppings to receive bonus stats.

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