CRK: Crunchy Dreams

During CRK Crunchy Dreams event, you have to earn stamps, which you can do by completing specific missions.

Cookie Run: Kingdom (CRK) is a role-playing and city-building battle simulating video game. It is up to you to construct a Cooking Kingdom and collect characters, which are known as Cookies.

In addition to collecting Cookies, you can participate in numerous game modes and in-game events. One of these events is Crunchy Dreams.

In-game events

An in-game event allows CRK players to enjoy the game in a new, exciting way for a limited period of time.

When an event is active, you usually have to complete certain missions or objectives to earn rare rewards. Sometimes, the rewards that you get from an event can only be procured from that specific event.

An event motives players to reopen a game that they may have been neglecting for some time previously. However, it also encourages new players to try the game to ensure that the quantity of players enjoying the game increases.

All events have a corresponding theme, and in CRK’s case, the events’ themes are related to Cookies.

CRK: Crunchy Dreams

One of the events that you can enjoy in CRK is Crunchy Dreams, which was released with the Invitation from the Slumbering Moon update.

CRK: Crunchy Dreams
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During this event, you have to complete a sequence of missions to unlock Cookies’ dreams and to earn various rewards such as stamps.

The update also introduced 2 new Cookies, namely Milky Way Cookie and Moonlight Cookie. In the event, players have to complete stamps. Once you have acquired a specific number of stamps, you will be rewarded.

The table below lists the rewards that you will get by collecting stamps:

Stamps collected Rewards
8 3000 Crystals
16 1500 Rainbow Cubes
27 Epic Cookie of Choice Chest
38 Starry Night Kingdom Background
48 Moonlight Cookie

It is imperative that you acquire enough stamps to collect Moonlight Cookie and Milky Way Cookie. This is because they are required to unlock certain areas of the game. Without them, you cannot unlock CRK levels.

In order to procure stamps, you have to complete certain missions. In the game’s menu, you will find a section dedicated to the Crunchy Dreams event.

In this menu, you have to progress in the missions in order to receive stamps. The missions are divided into varying areas, each of which features main and side missions to complete.

It is worth noting that some missions are easier to complete than others. However,  allegedly the missions will become more difficult to complete as you advance in the event.


Missions are divided into 2 types, namely main and side missions. You have to complete main missions to unlock the following area, while side missions are optional.

However, the side missions reward players with story cutscenes and therefore, they are recommended. You can only progress through missions of the furthest area that you have unlocked.

Although the missions have to be completed in a sequence, progress can be made for missions further down the sequence, as long as those missions are within the unlocked area.

To progress past the second area, you need to have a Milky Way Cookie in your collection. However, if you want to complete areas 4 and 5, you need to have Moonlight Cookie.

Mission examples

There are several main and side missions that you can complete in each area. The following table lists some of the missions that you have to complete:

Area 1
  • Clear any World Exploration Stage 5 times
  • Clear Tower of Sweet Chaos 5 times
  • Build level 5 Cookie House
Area 2
  • Win in the Kingdom Arena 20 times with Milky Way Cookie
  • Place decorations to earn 10 000 decor points
  • Collect 20 Cookies
Area 3
  • Promote Milky Way Cookie to 1 star
  • Craft Sugar Crystals 15 times
  • Research 10 technologies at the Sugar Gnome Laboratory
Area 4
  • Procure 30 Cookies
  • Deal a total of 35 million damage in guild battle
  • Procure Moonlight Cookie
Area 5
  • Clear World Exploration 15-1 Special Station

Moonlight Cookie and Milky Way Cookie

The CRK update not only introduced a new event, but it also added 2 unique Cookies. Moonlight Cookie is a Legendary Magic Cookie that takes on the middle position on the battlefield. The Milky Way Cookie is an Epic Charge Cookie dedicated to the front position.

Both of these Cookies have unique abilities, which are:

Cookie name Ability
Milky Way Cookie She gains a damage reduction buff while applying a stun resistance buff to her team. She also applies a defence reduction debuff on enemies while dealing damage. Lastly, Milky Way casts a shield on her entire team.
Moonlight Cookie Moonlight Cookie deals damage to enemies while applying a damage increase debuff. She causes her enemies to fall asleep while dealing damage and she  can restore her own health points.

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