What is the rarest clan in Slayers Unleashed?

Slayers Unleashed features over 30 types of clans, the rarest of which are the Kamando Clan and the Tsugikuni Clan.


Players will experience role-playing and simulation features in this popular game, Slayers Unleashed. The game is based on the classic anime, Demon Slayer, however, it can only be enjoyed on the Roblox platform. You can create and customise a character before stepping into the universe to defeat enemies.

There are various activities you can enjoy as you advance in the game. You can complete quests, defeat enemies, learn breathing styles, and join powerful clans. Since the game is based on Demon Slayer, players will experience similar non-player characters, locations, and storylines.

Slayers Unleashed: How to get Sun Breathing
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What is a clan?

Though clans may seem like a simple feature, they play a crucial role in the game. This is because clans have the ability to increase your character’s strength, master breathing styles, and to become the best version of your character that they can be.

Furthermore, clans can provide your character with various benefits. Players should bear in mind that different clans provide different benefits, such as boosting your experience points or applying a damage buff. For this reason, players should carefully consider which clans they want to join. However, all clans have a specific rarity, which means that some are rarer than others.

What is the rarest clan in Slayers Unleashed?

The game currently has more than 10 clans that players can join, some of which are incredibly rare. The following table outlines some of the rarest clans in the game with a description of each:

Clan Rarity Description Breathing style

Kamando Clan

1 percent It offers players a 10 percent damage buff while applying an experience bonus. Players have the opportunity to use Sun Breathing.

Tsugikuni Clan

1 percent Players in this clan will experience a 10 percent damage buff and an experience bonus. Players have an 85 percent chance of receiving Moon Breathing.

Tokito Clan

2 percent This clan offers an increase in damage, especially when using mist. Furthermore, it increases a player’s speed and stamina. You have a 50 percent chance of receiving and using Moon Breathing.

Shinazugawa Clan

2 percent It offers an increase in damage when players use wind. Moreover, it increases damage from sword combat by 10 percent. Unknown

Rengoku Clan

5 percent This clan offers players an increase in damage when they use flame moves. Players also benefit from a 10 percent health increase. Unknown

What is the best clan?

It is alleged that the rarest clans are the best in the game. This is because it is extremely difficult, and rare to be a member of either the Kamando Clan or the Tsugikuni Clan. Many players believe that these clans are quite rare, as they offer the best benefits.

Slayers Unleashed
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Keep in mind that the best clan for you might not necessarily be the best clan in the game, as it comes down to your personal preference. It also depends on what benefits you want to receive, as you may want to receive a damage buff while other players prefer a health increase buff.

What is the rarest breathing style?

Breathing styles are swordsmanship styles that make use of esoteric breathing techniques. Players should note that these techniques are known as Total Concentration Breathing, and they are taught and practiced by Demon Slayer Corps members. There are various breathing styles, each of which have ranging rarities. The following table lists the breathing styles and their rarities:

Breathing style Rarity
Stone breathing 1 percent
Flame breathing 2 percent
Mist breathing 4 percent
Serpent breathing 6 percent

Every breathing style requires varying skills and talents. Players should, therefore, carefully decide which breathing style they want their character(s) to use.

How to perform a clan reroll

Players can change their clan by performing a reroll, however, they will either need to pay approximately 75 Robux, or use a reroll code. You can become one of the best fighters in the game by choosing the correct clan and breathing style. However, rolling the correct clan may take a while.

Slayers Unleashed
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Final thoughts

Slayers Unleashed invites players to enjoy exciting simulation and adventurous elements. The game is based on the popular anime, Demon Slayer, which means that players will likely experience similar characters, content, and storylines that exist in the anime. You can create your character before stepping into the persistent world to defeat enemies.

Clans enable players to become the strongest fighters in the game, but some are rarer than others. The rarest clans in the game are the Kamando and the Tsugikuni Clans, as you only have a 1 percent chance to roll them.

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