MSF: Underworld Infographic

The Underworld team in MSF is very easy to assemble and use, as long as you assign the correct ISO-8 classes and use their skills accordingly.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) invites gamers to indulge themselves in the fictional world of Marvel. You can collect various heroes and villains to create  teams.

One of the teams that you can create is Underworld. The table mentioned in this article lists the recommended ISO-8 classes and skill ratings.

Underworld team members

The Underworld team is composed of the Green Goblin, KingPin, Master Negative, Nobu and Taskmaster. Their ultimate skills are:

Team member Ultimate skill
Green Goblin Cauterize: On any Underworld ally’s turn, he removes 1 positive effect from 2 random enemies that have a positive effect, but have no Safeguard.
KingPin Mastermind: He summons a Bodyguard on spawn, which gains taunt and death proof buffs.
Mister Negative Inner Demons: On spawn, he summons a Cyclops and gains a Defense Up buff for 5 turns. When it is his turn, he spawns 1 inner demon.
Nobu Secrets of Death: All Underworld allies gain a 10 percent chance to be revived with 20 percent of maximum health.
Taskmaster Copycat Criminal: When he spawns, he gains an Offense Up buff for 2 turns. He also gains an Assist buff on every Underworld ally’s turn.

MSF: Underworld Infographic

It is imperative that you know which ISO-8 classes you should assign to each of the Underworld’s members. Furthermore, players should understand how the members’ skills will perform in varying game modes.

The following table explains these aspects for the Underworld team:

Team member Skill rating Recommended ISO-8 class
Green Goblin
  • Goblin Strike: 1-star for all game modes
  • Burning Rage: 2-stars for all game modes
  • Fire and Brimstone: 2-stars for all game modes
  • Cauterize: 1-star for all game modes
Generally, the best ISO-8 class for him is Striker, but this depends on your needs. If you realize you need additional features, you can use Skirmisher or Raider.
  • Batter: 1-star for all game modes
  • Crime Lord:1-star for all game modes
  • Boss’ Orders: 3-stars for all game modes
  • Mastermind: 1-star for all game modes
We recommend that you assign the Fortifier class to Kingpin.
Mister Negative
  • Negative Strike: 1-star for all game modes
  • Demonic Assistance: 3-stars for all game modes
  • Wave of Negativity: 3-stars for all game modes
  • Inner Demons: 2-stars for all game modes
You can assign the Raider class to him, but this will not be very efficient in the Underworld team. Therefore, we recommend the Skirmisher class.
  • Shadow Strike: 1-star for all game modes
  • Unseen Army:1-star for all game modes
  • Ready the Trap:1-star for all game modes
  • Secrets of Death:1-star for all game modes
As a summoner, Nobu should be assigned to the Healer ISO-8 class, which will improve his performance on the battlefield.
  • Imitating Strike: 1-star for all game modes
  • Adaptive Assault: 1-star for all game modes
  • Incendiary Arrow:4-stars for all game modes
  • Copycat Crime: 3-stars for all game modes
You can either assign Striker or Raider to Taskmaster. However, for the Underworld team, you should use Raider.
MSF: Underworld Infographic

Gear uniques

It is essential that you use the correct gear for the Underworld members. The table below lists the gear uniques:

Team member Gear uniques
Green Goblin Oz Formula
KingPin Vibranium
Mister Negative Infinite Energy
Nobu Focused Chi
Taskmaster Ballistic Weave

With regard to gear priority, you first have to obtain the gear for Mr. Negative. Thereafter, you can focus on Taskmaster, Kingpin, Green Goblin and Nobu, in that sequence.

For which activity should you use Underworld?

Although the Underworld team can be used for all game modes, their primary function is the Alliance War and their secondary function is Cosmic Crucible.

The Alliance War is a game mode that matches Alliances against one another. You have 2 hours to use your roster to defend enemy attacks and to attack your opponent.

Cosmic Crucible is a single-player battle where you have to fight another player. It is a Swiss Style tournament that features several rooms with unique sets of rules. The rewards that you can earn are based on your performance in both gaming modes.

Underworld’s performance

It is essential to note that this team is less critical than the 4 Horsemen or Scourge teams, though Underworld is versatile enough to be an immediate priority.

According to its kit, Underworld will be able to challenge most teams in AW Defense. They are easy to assemble, and most veteran MSF players will already have them in their arsenal.

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