Zooba: Animals

The animals in Zooba are characters that you can control to defeat enemies and collect weapons, but bear in mind some animals are considered better than others.

Zooba is an exhilarating, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game that invites players to experience role-playing and combat elements.

The objective of Zooba is to battle the guards in different game modes so that you can take your place as king of the zoo. Since it is a battle royal game, you have to compete against other players for the title.

When you play the game for the first time, you have to complete a tutorial mission to understand its mechanics.

After completing the mission, you will enter your first battle, but you should bear in mind that you have to be the last one standing to complete it. Fortunately, you can use your animals to succeed in the game.

Animal classes

Although Zooba is a MOBA, it does not feature any animal or character classes in the traditional sense. This means that players can place characters in certain classes, such as a tank, damage-dealer, marksman, and support.

However, your decision should be based on what the character is known for, and not because that is where they should be categorised. For instance, one of the starter animals that you can get is Buck, who is known as a close range fighter and should thus not be used as a tank.

There are no character classes in Zooba, so players should read the animal description to know what it specialises in.

Zooba: Animals

The animals in Zooba are the characters whom you can control to acquire weapons and defeat other players. Before a battle begins, you can choose from 33 animals, from a sneaky chameleon, and an angry gorilla.

That being said, you cannot select a character that you have yet to collect. When you start playing the game, you will only have 1 animal in your collection to begin with.

Zooba: Animals
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However, you can collect additional animals as you advance in the game. Some animals can be acquired from crates, which you can earn by succeeding in battles.

Although there are not any character classes in Zooba, some animals are considered better than others. These characters are not necessarily extremely strong, but they feature unique skills that are quite useful during battles.

Molly the Mobility Expert is considered one of the best characters that you can use to help you get more wins. Her double jump ability is perfect for escaping from enemies, but you can also use it to chase an enemy. Molly’s companion, Joey, can attack enemies while collecting items for her.

Another great character is Bruce the Unstoppable Warrior, who has one of the highest health points in the game, which makes him an excellent tanking animal. Smash, his active skill, allows him to jump and deal area-of-effect damage when he lands.

Generally, Zooba animals cannot use any weapons or skills while they are in water. However, this does not apply to Milo the Slick Scout, whose passive skill, Tall Traversal, allows him to use skills and weapons when he is underwater.

Collecting animals

As previously mentioned, some animals are regarded as better because they offer useful abilities. The table below lists how to acquire some of the best characters in the game:

Animal How to acquire
Molly the Mobility Expert Molly can be acquired from crates once you have reached League 2
Bruce the Unstoppable Warrior. Can be found in crates from league 1
Milo the Slick Scout Milo can only be acquired once you have reached league 6
Lizzy the Support Trapper Players have to be at least level 8 before they can get Lizzy
Ravi the Charming Sniper Ravi can be found in crates from league 10

How to level up an animal

After procuring an animal, you have to increase its level to improve its skills and statistics. Increasing an animal’s level will also allow you to equip more items while playing, improve your play style by adding skill points, and allow you to unlock more rewards.

To upgrade a character’s level in Zooba, you need to acquire specific character tokens, and once you have enough, you can use these tokens to upgrade the specific character. Players can get the tokens from crates, league, and mastery road rewards.

How to increase your League

In order to acquire additional animals, you have to increase your League rank. Your League rank can be increased by earning trophies.

The more trophies you have, the more Leagues you will progress. To get trophies, you have to battle other players and be in the top rankings once the battle has finished.

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