You can now pre-register for DC Heroes & Villains rewards

When you pre-register for DC Heroes & Villains, you can receive various rewards, such as a battle item, credits, Catwoman shards and training gear among others.

DC Heroes & Villains is an up-and-coming mobile game published by Ludia. It invites you to step into the DC Multiverse, where a strange pulse stripped every one of their powers.

It is up to you to put together a team and upgrade their abilities to defeat a galactic threat. Even though the game is yet to be released, in October 2021, the publisher announced that it is available for pre-registration.

With this, Ludia is creating awareness and building excitement for the game in multiple countries. To motivate players to pre-register, the publisher introduced some pre-registration goals.

A specific number of people need to pre-register in order to achieve these goals. Once a goal has been reached, all players will receive a certain gift upon the game’s release.

It is believed that the first 3 pre-registration goals have already been met. This means that players who pre-registered during that time, will receive a battle item, Catwoman’s training gear and an unspecified number of credits.

You should note that there are only 2 pre-registration goals left. It is thus recommended that you pre-register for the game as soon as possible in order to receive the rewards.

When the 100 percent goal has been met, players will receive Catwoman shards. However, once the 150 percent goal has been met, you can receive a Catwoman portrait.

Please remember that all of the above-mentioned rewards will only be available when the game officially launches. This means that you can obtain the rewards for the time being. If you wish to pre-register for the game, you can go to the official DC Heroes & Villains website.

Alternatively, you can search for the game in your application store. On the website, you can select the, “Pre-Register Now” option to start the registration process. Depending on the device you are using, the pre-registration will be linked to either your Google account or your Apple ID.

This means that you are only able to pre-register once, as the publisher will send you the updates and gifts through an email. Additionally, you will receive the latest news and updates regarding the game.

Ludia is yet to announce when DC Heroes & Villains will officially be released, however, they have revealed that it will happen sometime in the half of 2022.

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