WWE SuperCard: RTG

The Road to Glory (RTG) in WWE SuperCard is a regular event that occurs every month, however, it is only active for 48 hours.

WWE SuperCard is a digital collectible card game that features WWE Superstars. There are several game modes that you can enjoy in the game, including Wild, King of the Ring, Ring Domination, and Team Battleground, amongst other things.

In addition to the game modes, you can participate in events. Road to Glory is one of the regular events in WWE SuperCard.

In-game events

An in-game event allows gamers to enjoy WWE SuperCard in a new, thrilling way for a limited time. These occasional activities often motivate players to play a game that they may have been neglecting for some time previously.

When an in-game event is active, you have to complete certain tasks and objectives in order to receive rare rewards.

It is possible that the rewards that you can acquire from an event can only be procured from a specific event. Therefore, you have to attempt to participate in every in-game event.

Events generally follow the game’s theme and WWE SuperCard is based on WWE Superstars, you will encounter event activities based on WWE.

WWE SuperCard: RTG

Road to Glory (RTG) is one of WWE SuperCard’s regular events, meaning that you can participate in the event several times in a season.

During this event, you have to participate in matches to accumulate reward points. These points can be used to unlock rare Wrestlers, hence, participating in RTG is a great way to expand your collection.

The event allows players to unlock up to 10 Wrestlers. When a Wrestler is unlocked, their card is added to your deck.

Naturally, players have to unlock the first Wrestler to unlock the following Wrestler. However, every Wrestler becomes more difficult to unlock than the last.

RTG takes place once a month and will only remain active for 48 hours. During this time, you have to unlock as many Wrestlers as you can.

Players start by participating in 5 bouts, which refreshes by 1 every 15 minutes when you have dropped below this number of remaining bouts.

You can earn points by defeating opponents in bouts, which are composed of 2 rounds of matches. Every round commences with 4 random cards from your 16-card RTG deck. You also begin the bout with your 2 best support cards.

In every round, matches will continue to take place until you have used all your cards in your RTG deck. You will receive 1 point for every match won, however, if you lose the match, your opponent will get the point.

The player with the most points in the end is declared the winner. If you win the match, you will earn a number of points to unlock the RTG Wrestler, depending on the quality of the opponent that you chose before the bout began.

Defeating Wrestles

Each Wrestler in the event requires a specified number of points to defeat and unlock. The Wrestlers start off quite easy, but they get increasingly difficult as you advance to higher-tier Wrestlers.

The difficulty is increased both in the number of points required to unlock the Wrestler and the quality of opponents faced to earn points.

The number of points per Wrestler is listed below:

Wrestler Points
1 20
2 30
3 70
4 120
5 145
6 170
7 190
8 215
9 235
10 275

Choosing an opponent

Before the bout begins, you can select your opponent. You get a choice of 3 Wrestlers and the opponent selected will determine the number of points that you earn. When you are deciding which opponent to defeat, you should look at their tier symbol.

Players can compare the tier symbol to their RTG deck and then decide if they will be able to defeat them or not. You should aim for opponents that will yield the most points, but you should be able to defeat them.

The quantity of points that you will receive for each category opponent is:

Opponent type Number of points
Easy 2
Medium 6
Hard 10

How to accumulate additional points

During RTG, you can get event boost items from the Draft Board. These Title Matches double your points when you win a match.

However, you get nothing if you lose the match. The items can only be used once, and they will be consumed after a match, whether you won or lost the match.

Players can purchase Title Match items for 10 credits each, or in bulk for a slightly cheaper price.

Although you can participate in a match without Title Matches, you should use them. This is because you will receive additional points, which means that you can collect a Wrestler faster than players who choose not to use them.

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