WoW: Writhebark

Herbalists in WoW can search the Dragon Isles for Writhebark, which is a new herb that was introduced with the Dragonflight expansion.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a popular video game that invites players to assume the roles of Warcraft heroes. The game is set in the persistent world of Azeroth, which has different realms.

The Dragonflight expansion introduced a new realm called the Dragon Isles. While exploring this realm, you may come across Writhebark.

Herbalism in WoW

Herbalism is a gathering profession that allows players to find and harvest herbs from plant resource nodes scattered around the world. Some herbs can be used in other trade skills, but most are used for Alchemy and Inscription.

Players can learn the herbalism skill from herbalism trainers that can be found throughout the world. Initial training grants players the Apprentice level with a potential skill of 75.

This allows a few low-level herbs to be gathered. Additional herbs can be harvested as you improve your herbalism skill.

Herbalism is levelled up by gathering herb nodes. Once your herbalism has reached a specific level, you can unlock herbalism skills, which makes it easier to obtain herbs.

WoW: Writhebark

The ninth expansion, Dragonflight, introduced new content to World of Warcraft. Players who purchase the expansion can complete new quests, discover new locations, and defeat new enemies. In addition to these features, Herbalists can harvest new resources and herbs.

One of the new herbs that you can find while you are exploring the Dragon Isles is Writhebark. This herb has an item level of 60, and it can only be collected by characters who have unlocked the Herbalism skill.

WoW: Writhebark
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Players can procure Writhebark from a range of different locations around the map, however, if you are not a herbalist, you can purchase the crafting reagent from an Auction House.

You can also get Writhebark from the non-player character called Rotting Treant who can be found in Azure Span.

Writhebark is allegedly one of the most difficult herbs to acquire in Dragonflight, but it is also worth more than other herbs. If you have the herbalism skill unlocked, you will only be able to harvest small quantities of the herb, as it is incredibly rare.

In WoW, the herbs do not have specific locations, but herbs have certain preferences for where they prefer to grow or grow best. Writhebark usually grows on trees and knowing this can make farming the herb much easier for players.

If you are interested in acquiring Writhebark, it is advisable that you fly around the Dragon Isles while searching for it. This can take some time, as you need to max out your dragon riding skills.

It is recommended that you begin your search for Writhebark on the western side of Azure Span. Players can allegedly find Writhebark in the waterfall.

Searching for Writhebark in Azure Span

Azure Span is the smallest zone in the Dragon Isles, and although it offers gamers many quests, it lacks herbs to farm. However, some players claimed that they found numerous Writhebark herbs in this area.

There are 2 main paths that you may want to focus on in this area. Players can merge these smaller routes into a big one.

The caveat here is that you can pick and choose what colour palette you want your environment to have. In the west, you will be farming through a more temperate climate, but in the center, it is cold and it has snow all the time.


Dragonflight introduced a new method of travel, dragonriding, to the game which is not like regular flying. In order to unlock dragonriding, you have to progress through the main story quests of the Dragon Isles.

Once you have been sent to meet Alexstrasza at the Ruby Lifeshrine, you can pick up the dragonriding quest which sends you to speak to Lord Andestrasz.

Lord Andestrasz will reward you with a dragonriding mount, but you should bear in mind that you have to complete a few training flights to get accustomed to the way that this mode of transport works.

Players can use dragonriding to search the Dragon Isles for Writhebark, but they should not go too fast, as they may miss it if they do.

Writhebark modifiers

Writhebark has 6 modifiers available, and each one has a different effect. The table below lists the modifiers and explains their effects:

Modifiers Effect
Infurious (only available in War Mode) It could drop Rousing Ire
Windswept It could drop Rousing Air
Titan-Touched Players could obtain additional herbs
Lush It could drop Rousing Decay
Frigid You could get Rousing Frost
Decayed It could drop Rousing Decay

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