WoW: Voidstream Leak

Blizzard is yet to announce the 10th expansion for WoW, however, some info regarding the expansion has been leaked.

World of Warcraft invites players to explore the fictional world of Azeroth, a world of magic and limitless adventure.

The game’s developer, Blizzard, introduces a new expansion to WoW every year. Although the 10th expansion of the game is yet to be announced, it has allegedly been leaked.

WoW Expansions

WoW was officially launched in 2004 and it has since received 9 major expansions. A WoW expansion introduces new questlines, gear, weapons, locations and treasures which gamers can enjoy.

However, you need to purchase the expansion with real money in order to unlock its new content. The table below lists all WoW’s expansions since its launch:

Expansion Year released
The Burning Crusade 2007
Wrath of the Lich King 2008
Cataclysm 2010
Mists of Pandaria 2012
Warlords of Draenor 2014
Legion 2016
Battle for Azeroth 2018
Shadowlands 2020
Dragonflight 2022

WoW: Voidstream Leak

As seen in the above mentioned table, Blizzard releases a new expansion for WoW every 2 years. The new expansion will allegedly be announced on 3 November 2023, but several players have leaked information about the 10th expansion.

It is worth noting that leaked information was not officially announced by Blizzard, which means that it may not be 100 percent accurate.

On a WoW forum, a player named BananaCrates has shared leaked information about the upcoming expansion.

According to him, the 10th WoW expansion will be called Voidstorm. Adventurers will travel to the South Seas, seeking a way to stop Queen Azshara’s Voidstorm. Iridikron flies with the fury of Galakrond. Wherever he goes, darkness follows.

The planet is being sundered, slowly ripped apart by the immense forces assaulting it. In the meantime, the world of Azeroth stirs from a terrible nightmare.

The Harbinger is on the cusp of waking her up in the form of a horrific manifestation of Shadow, which ends all life in the process.

Thrall, the World Shaman, will allegedly return to protect Azeroth from destruction. He will fight alongside the Earthen Ring while leading the champions of Azeroth into the elemental planes before entering the core of the world to root out its corruption.

BananaCrates revealed that this is the last expansion before Azeroth will be revamped and before WoW players can explore the other side of the world.

Similarly to previously released expansions, it is believed that the new expansion will introduce new zones and new gameplay features.


It is alleged that the Voidstream expansion will introduce 6 new zones which players can explore. However, that the zones have yet to be announced, which means that the zones mentioned below are subject to change:

Zone name Description
Unnamed Islands There will allegedly be smaller islands that players can find in the new expansion. These are sometimes procedurally generated and are part of an end-game system.
K’aresh The broken remnants of a world once inhabited by those we call the Ethereals. This zone will become accessible in a later patch.
Hiji The Stronghold of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, sometimes referred to as Plunder Isle,  is located in the eastern part of the Archipelago.
Tel’Abim This tropical island is filled with sandy beaches and lush jungles. Players can find it in the south of the new expansion. While it looks idyllic, this island hides dark secrets within.
The Undermine This large subterranean zone can be accessed by sailing to Kezan. The goblins who run the Island have sought the aid of those who’d like to make a hefty sum and risk their lives in the process.

Gameplay features

BananaCrates has shared some main gameplay features which gamers can encounter in the upcoming expansion. This information has not been officially announced though, which means that it is not 100 % accurate.

Dragonriding will allegedly return in the new expansion, but the mounts will now be able to travel underwater.

Players will be able to explore as many islands as they want with their own ship. The new expansion will apparently also introduce 2 new playable races.

You will be able to play as an Ethereal and  an underwater species. Furthermore, most content will become account-wide, however, several players believe that this leak is untrue.

It is also believed that this update will not introduce new classes or specializations, but most classes have been made available to all playable races. There will be various new glyphs which allow you to alter the appearance of your spells.

Players’ opinions

Since the leaked information has been shared, several WoW players have shared their opinions about it. One player revealed that the information is fake as all content will become account-wide.

Another player mentioned that he would rather have an underwater mount than dragons that can travel underwater.

Another player, known as MyWholeLifeisThunder, explained that all the information is fake, but that it sounds like an awesome experience.

We recommend that players wait for Blizzard’s official announcement regarding the 10th expansion.

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