WoW: Vertical Anomaly

Vertical Anomaly is a level 70 quest that players can complete in WoW, but you have to solve a puzzle in order to complete it.

In this adventurous video game, World of Warcraft (WoW), you can customize and control a Warcraft hero to complete quests, enjoy unique game modes and farm gear.

In order to obtain a quest, you have to speak to non-player-characters (NPCs). One of these NPCs is Myrrit, who will give you the Vertical Anomaly quest.

Where to find Myrrit

Players have to travel to Loamm to find Myrrit. Underneath the Dragon Isles, deep in Zaralek Cavern, lies the niffen town of Loamm. The friendly traders in the town are known for their hospitality, sense of smell and peculiar bartering trade system.

To access Zaralek Cavern, players must have a copy of the latest downloadable content pack (DLC), Dragonflight. This DLC introduces new content to the game, including new missions, maps, mounts and NPCs.

Players can purchase their copy of Dragonflight by Blizzard’s engine on their personal computer, or by visiting to the official WoW website.

WoW: Vertical Anomaly

When you reach Zaralek Cavern, you can speak to Myrrit, who will offer you various quests. While talking to Myrrit, you will see different options, one of which is, “Let’s go Sniffenseeking!”

If you select this option, your character will travel underground with Myrrit to a new cave location.

Once you reach the cave, you will receive an announcement on the screen that states, “Vertical Anomaly. Bonus Objective.” You will find a glowing bubble that has a chest in its center along with several enemies that you have to defeat.

We recommend that you vanquish the enemies before attempting to solve the puzzle to open the chest.

After defeating the enemies, you can click on one of Myrrit’s abilities, after which he will mention that he smells something shiny and full of power. To solve the puzzle, players have to collect crystals, which will be scattered around the cave.

The crystals have a purple appearance and are quite big, which makes them easy to spot. When you have farmed enough crystals, you have to look around the cave for a pressure plate. If you step onto the pressure plate, it will turn into a bright, orange color.

WoW: Vertical Anomaly
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Players can instruct Myrrit to stand on the pressure plate to keep it activated. A key will then appear in the air. Directly across from where Myrrit is standing on the plate, there will be a water pressure feature that creates gigantic bubbles in the air.

You then have to enter the water dome, where the chest is, and swim up. You have to wait for the water bubble to come around and swim and throw it to the second globe to grab the key. Although it is a simple explanation, it can be tricky to solve the puzzle.


Once you have successfully grabbed the key, you can open the chest with it in the water bubble located in the cave.

Players will receive a Hidden Niffen Treasure from the chest, which is soulbound. This means that you cannot trade this item or sell it on the Auction.

Instead, you can open the chest to receive rare items. The chest contains Zaralek Glowspores, Dragon Isles supplies and equipment.

Although it is nearly impossible to say what you will receive, one player received Skyless Cuffs and a Dragon Isles Supply Cache.

Additional caves and puzzles

In addition to Vertical Anomaly, you can complete Making Scents, Brand New Digs and Element Whispers, as described below:

Bonus objective Description
Brand New Digs This is a tutorial puzzle where you have to pick up Myrrit, sniff for a hidden clue and acquire a key. Once you have the key, you can dig a tunnel under the poison gas. You have to put Myrrit on the pressure plate and use the key to unlock the chest.
Making Scents Players have to dig into a Titan vault, where they will discover a massive orb. After letting Myrrit smell it, you have to use an elemental torch to take down the shield.
Element Whispers For this puzzle, you have to find and read hidden tablets to figure out what directions of the various elements should be chosen. You should apply the elements to the torches in the upper cave with the giant Earth Elemental. Players have to defeat the enemy and acquire the crystal.

Recommended level for Vertical Anomaly

WoW has an in-game system that allows you to complete quests based on your current level,  meaning that a level 10 player cannot complete a level 70 quest.

Not only are the enemies very difficult to destroy, but your character will not be strong enough to defeat them.

To complete Vertical Anomaly, your character has to be at maximum level, which is level 70. If you are yet to reach level 70, rather focus on the quests available to you.

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