WoW: Valdrakken Power Source

After WoW’s patch 10.1.7 was implemented, players were able to carry Power Sources to Arcane Forges in Valdrakken to obtain a unique mount.

In World of Warcraft (WoW), you can play a powerful hero who delves into perilous dungeons, fights towering monsters and defends the world of Azeroth against all threats.

Patch 10.1.7 introduced many new features to Wow, however, several players discovered that a mysterious Power Source was added to Valdrakken after the patch was implemented.

Patch 10.1.7

Patch 10.1.7 was implemented in WoW on Tuesday, 5 September 2023 and it introduced new features to the game for players to enjoy.

Players can now participate in the New Public Event: Dreamsurges and you can acquire new heritage armor for Night Elf and Forsaken

Furthermore, players can complete a quest chain to unlock the new Man’ari Eredar customization options and experience the Dawn of the Infinite Heroic Difficulty.

The update also introduced several new quests and if you complete it, you will further discover the lore of WoW and receive many rewards.

WoW: Valdrakken Power Source

Shortly after patch 10.1.7 was implemented, several players noticed a mysterious Arcane Force located near Crafting Order non-player characters.

At first, most WoW players were confused about the objective of these Arcane Forges, but it was revealed recently.

During the Secrets of Azeroth event, players had to solve the given clues to complete the Whodunnit achievement, but you were also able to solve Community Clues. In Valdrakken, you can find the Arcane Forge which needs to be empowered.

Every few hours, the forge was disturbed, and players had to carry Power Sources back to the forge to power it back up.

To help you find Power Sources, you can use your map which will display the location of Power Sources and Massive Power Sources.

The normal power source adds 1 energy to the forge while the massive power source adds 5 energy to the forge.

While carrying a Power Source, you are slowed massively and will drop the Orb after 20 seconds. However, you were able to throw the orbs to nearby players and slowly kite it back to the forge.

If there are no players nearby, you are able to toss the orb to yourself to reset the 20 second timer.

You were able to use movement speed abilities when carrying the orb, but players were not able to mount while holding them.

Keep in mind, however, when you carry orbs, Lightning Thief mobs will spawn and attempt to steal them from you.

If they succeed, they will pick up an orb and slowly return it to their original spots, but if you kill the thief, the orb will be returned to you.

Do you still need to find Power Sources?

Allegedly, players only had to carry Power Sources to the Arcane Forges for 24 hours after the Forges were activated. This means that you no longer have to carry Power Sources to the Forge to power it back up.

This means that you can simply craft Mimiron’s Jumpjets while standing near the Forge without having to carry Power Sources.

The official description for Mimiron’s Jumpjets reads, “Created as a prototype by Mimiron. The pieces were stolen from his workshop, sold and lost to time, until now.”

Players can now use a Booster Part while next to the forge to craft this mount. After crafting, you can use the item to unlock the unique mount permanently.

Mimiron’s Jumpjets

It is essential to note that the Mimiron’s Jumpjets item binds when it is picked up, which means that you cannot sell it to other players in the Auction House. If you use this item, you will learn how to summon the unique mount.

If you click on the icon again, it will summon and dismiss the mount. Keep in mind that to use this mount, you need to have Apprentice Riding.

Feat of Strength

Players should note that the Feat of Strength is separate from the Mimiron’s Jumpjets mount.

Once the Empowered Forge is made permanently active, you can craft the mount at any time, but the Feet of Strength will no longer be obtainable.

Gamers were able to obtain the Feat of Strength Arcane Influence by participating in one of the Empowered Forge events by touching one of the Power Sources.

Similarly to the Mimiron’s Jumpjets mount, you had to carry Power Sources to the Forges to participate in the Feat of Strength event.

Players who participated in this event completed the achievement, Arcane Influence. It is unknown whether this event will return to WoW in the future or not.

This means that this was perhaps your first and final chance to participate in the Feat of Strength event.

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