WoW: Valdrakken Auction House

The Auction House in WoW Valdrakken is conveniently situated, but you need the Dragonflight expansion to access it.

World of Warcraft, a multiplayer online role-playing game, invites gamers to take on the roles of Warcraft heroes.

The game is set in the persistent world of Azeroth, which contains various areas for you to explore. The latest expansion, Dragonflight, introduced a new area called Valdrakken, which has an Auction House.

What is an Auction House?

The Auction House (AH) in WoW allows players to purchase or sell items in exchange for in-game currencies.

You can find or sell weapons, armour, trade goods, recipes, and reagents. Bear in mind, though, that AH fees and deposit costs are one of the largest gold sinks in WoW.

Most major cities and some towns have their own AH. Although there are multiple Auction Houses, all of them are connected and sell the same items, regardless of location or faction.

This means that you can view all of the items that are for sale on the server by going to any Auction House.

WoW: Valdrakken Auction House
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WoW: Valdrakken Auction House

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the ninth expansion of the game, and it introduces new content, quests, enemies, and areas to the game.

The expansion takes place on the Dragon Isles, and one of the major cities that you can find on the Isles is Valdrakken.

Players can find Valdrakken to the North West of the Thaldraszus zone. As you progress, you will get the To Valdrakken from Kalecgos quest at the Azure Archives zone.

After accepting the quest, you have to meet the non-player character at the Seat of Aspects.

To get to Valdrakken, you have to ride on a dragon’s back. As you have accepted the quest, the location of dragon riding is already pinned on your map.

Once you arrive in Valdrakken, you can either continue the quest, or explore your new surroundings.

Since Valdrakken is a major city, it has an Auction House which is located at 44.79 and 58.69, between the Seat of the Aspects and The Artisan’s Market.

WoW: Valdrakken Auction House
© Blizzard Entertainment

The Valdrakken Auction House has a conveniently-placed mailbox just outside the building.

This enables you to access your mail to get your purchases or profits. Although auctioneers are just a few steps away, you are likely to see a brutosaur mount or 2 parked here.

The Auction House is across The Roasted Ram, which is the inn of Valdrakken. Just down the stairs on the North side of the Auction House is The Artisan’s Market, where you can find crafting stations.

If you walk to the South of the Auction House, you will find the Flight Master.

This makes it extremely convenient to take a short flight to Valdrakken and to sell some items before you continue your Dragonflight adventure.

Who are the Auctioneers?

Once you have entered the Auction House in Valdrakken, you will find 3 dragons, which is quite fitting to the Dragonflight expansion.

You will find Auctioneer Explordira, a green dragon, along with Auctioneer Antiquidormi, which is a bronze dragon. Lastly, you will find a blue dragon, called Auctioneer Imporgio.

If you speak to any of these Auctioneers, you can purchase numerous items. Players can also sell items from their inventory by speaking to one of the dragons.

It is noteworthy that the Auctioneers in Valdrakken’s Auction House are always available, and they do not disappear.

Valdrakken’s Auction House bug

Some WoW players have revealed that walking into the Valdrakken Auction House removes their characters’ titles. Although this is a minor bug, it can be frustrating.

If you notice that your characters’ titles disappear after you walk into the Valdrakken Auction House, it is recommended that you log a support ticket with Blizzard.

It is also important to note that your character can function normally, even if his or her titles are removed.

How to buy and sell on the Auction House

To place a bid on an item in the Auction House, select the item and press the “Bid” button on the lower left of the menu.

The amount that you are willing to bid is deducted from your cash, and assuming that no one places a higher bid, you will get the item in your mail.

If you do not want to bid on an item, you can purchase it, but it is worth noting that the buyout price is generally higher than the bid price.

In order to sell an item, you have to select the rightmost “Auction” tab at the bottom of the screen. When the auction pane comes up, you can drag an item from your inventory to the action item slot on the upper left.

You can then choose the price at which you want the bidding to start and wait for your item to be purchased.

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