WoW: Spelunking the Den

Spelunking the Den is a world quest in WoW in the form of a daily quest, and it can only be acquired in the Forbidden Reach.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role–playing game that is set in Azeroth, a fictional open-world. Since the game has had 9 major expansions, there are countless quests that can improve your character.

One of the quests you can complete is Spelunking the Den, which is a rock climbing World Quest.

What are World Quests?

World quests were introduced in Legion as an expansion of the traditional daily quest system in previous expansions. These quests rotate at different times across the zones that they are active in, and they involve greatly varying objectives.

Before you can get a world quest, you have to complete the Uniting the Isles quest on your main character. This involves reaching the Friendly status with all of the Broken Isles reputation factions.

The other characters on your account will be able to turn in an alternate version of Uniting the Isles when they reach level 110, regardless of their reputation standing.

WoW: Spelunking the Den

Patch 10.0.7 of WoW’s Dragonflight was revealed on Tuesday, 21 March 2023 and it introduced several new features, quests, mounts, cosmetic items, and gear to the game.

It also added a new zone, which is known as The Forbidden Reach, to the Dragonflight area.

The Forbidden Reach features daily quests and world quests that you can complete. One of the world quests in the new zone is Spelunking the Den. It is a rock climbing world quest for the Dragonscale Expedition, but in daily quest form.

Players can acquire the quest by speaking to Cataloger Daela, who can be found in Morqut Village in the Forbidden Reach. Keep in mind that your character has to be at the maximum level, which is level 70, to get this quest.

Once you have obtained the quest, you have to explore the Skyfox Den’s ceiling using Dragonscale Expedition climbing gear. After climbing the first, shiny grappling hook, you have to face north, but move west towards the first stalactite you can grab.

Players should then click on stalactites until they have gone around to the other side and started grabbing onto wall rocks.

If you follow the path, you will discover a bag that contains the Primalist Cache Key, which is required to complete the quest.

Once you have the key, you can drop down to the floor and use the same grappling hook again. However, you have to head east until you have reached the climbing rocks.

Click on the climbing rock on the opposite side of the wall and look back towards the other side where you will see a chest and a new grappling hook.

If you click on the hook, you will move towards the chest, but do not drop off. Click the chest while you are on the grappling hook to complete the quest.

Where is the climbing gear?

The climbing gear can be found on the ground inside the Skybox Den. Keep in mind that the gear is near the entrance of the den and if you move too far into it, you may miss the gear and subsequently , will not be able to complete the quest.

We recommend that you look behind a wide pillar at floor level to acquire the climbing gear. After equipping the gear, you can interact with the grappling hook on the ceiling to start the rock climbing on stalactite handholds and regular handholds.


You can receive your rewards by returning to Cataloger Daela in the Morqut Village. Players will receive 28 gold coins as well as 9 silver coins.

Furthermore, you will earn 9500 experience points and 450 Elemental Overflow, which you can use to procure items from Mythressa in Valdrakken.

Players will also receive 350 reputation points with Obsidian Warders, Dark Talons, and the Dragonscale Expedition respectively.

These reputation points count towards your reputation with each faction. The better your reputation is, the more features you will get access to.

Grapple problem

Some players have revealed that they are unable to get hold of one of the grapples during the quest. When you are on your way to the ledge that has the chest, you may struggle to climb on the ledge and therefore, you could lose your grip and fall.

It is advisable that you use the handholds on the side where the chest is and the handhold behind your character. Players have to get to the first handle, then click on the hook to reach the ledge where the chest is.

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