WoW: Rumble Minis

WoW recently announced that players are able to acquire Rumble Minis, which can be used to attack enemies and defend your character.

In World of Warcraft, you can be the hero you want to be. Will you become an inventive Gnome Warlock? Or perhaps fight as a hulking Tauren Warrior? The choice is entirely yours to make!

The game’s developer, Blizzard, regularly released new items and features to the game for players to enjoy to ensure that the game does not become monotonous.

Rumble Minis

On Tuesday, 3 October 2023, Blizzard revealed that players can dive into joyful chaos as Warcraft Rumble pops into Azeroth.

Allegedly, WoW gamers cannot get enough of the mysterious new machine which leaves joyful chaos in its wake.

The Warcraft Rumble Machines beckon eager collectors to expand their growing toy collections. WoW zones and cities will become alive with miniature-sized adventure when the machine pops onto the scene.

This offers players a unique way to collect their own Warcraft Rumble Miniatures in Dragonflight.

According to the announcement, the Rumble Machines can be found in the 4 Major Dragonflight Zones.

You can therefore explore The Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, The Azure Span and Thaldraszus to find the machines. You can also encounter the Rumble Machines in Orgrimmar, Stormwind and Valdrakken.

It is advised that you keep an eye on your in-game mailbox, as an important message will arrive shortly.

This message will instruct you to find Mizzan and when you interact with the NPC, you will be able to accept the Rumble Minis quest.

Players then have to seek out the Warcraft Rumble Machines to collect Rumble Minis. Currently, there are nearly 70 minis that you can collect as you progress in WoW.

WoW: Rumble Minis
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Warcraft Rumble Miniatures

There are different Warcraft Rumble Miniatures that you can procure in WoW, and each mini has a specific trait and faction.

The following table lists some of the minis that you can procure:

Warcraft Rumble Miniature Name Description
Abomination This tanky mass of flesh will hook ranged enemies.
Earth Elemental You can use this heavily armored avalanche anywhere to assume the tank role for your troops.
Firehammer She flings fiery hammers at foes.
Defias Bandits Although they are weak on their own, they can sneak up on enemies to stun them.
Darkspear Troll This headhunter deals massive damage with savage spear throws.

How to collect Warcraft Rumble Miniatures

The objective is to gather Rumble Coins from varying locations across Azeroth. Once you have collected Rumble Coins, you can deposit the coins into the Warcraft Rumble Machines.

Each coin translates to an adorable Rumble Mini that will become part of your toy collection.

Blizzard also introduced Foils and if you collect them, you can customize your miniature to your liking.

At the moment of writing this, there are 14 Foils in the Dragon Isles’ main zones, Valdrakken, Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

How to use Warcraft Rumble Miniatures

The Rumble Minis are essentially game pieces that you send out to attack and defend while playing the game.

As previously explained, there are different types of minis that you can acquire, and each of them have unique talents, roles and traits.

One mini will assume the leader role, while the others will be considered troops. Leaders are usually the build-defining mini of the army on which you need to select your troops.

We therefore recommend that you know your mini’s traits, type and abilities when you are building your miniature army.

Having a good understanding of each mini will help you counter effectively and plan your attacks in the most effective way possible.

Furthermore, it can be beneficial to know which types of minis you would like to unlock and upgrade before obtaining them.


Similarly to other events in WoW, there are certain achievements that you can complete by collecting the Warcraft Rumble Miniatures.

Some of the achievements that you can complete are outlined below:

Achievement How to complete
Whelp Egg’s Newer Look You have to upgrade Whelp Egg twice
Get ‘em All! To complete this achievement, you have to collect seven Minis
New Looks! Players must upgrade all seven Minis once to complete this achievement
Sneed’s New Look You have to upgrade Sneed once to complete this achievement
Stonehoof Tauren’s Newer Look Players must upgrade Stonehoof Tauren twice
Ghoul’s New Look You have to upgrade Undead Ghoul once.

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