WoW: Repelling Invaders

One of the new quests you can complete in WoW Classic’s SoD is Repelling Invaders, however, you have to travel to Ashenvale to acquire it.

Deathwing the Destroyer made a cataclysmic entrance in World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic and now you are called to once again travel through a reforged Azeroth and defend it from utter devastation.

The game’s developer, Blizzard, recently released an expansion for WoW Classic and introduced various new features you can enjoy.

Repelling Invaders

In order to progress in WoW Classic, you have to follow the main arc, however, as you explore Azeroth, you will come across side quests.

By following the main arc and completing side quests, you will be rewarded with rich items as well as experience points, which can increase your character’s level.

The Season of the Deep (SoD) expansion introduced various new quests, and through completing these quests you can complete to earn rich rewards.

One of the new quests you can complete is Repelling Invaders, however it functions unlike any other quest in the game.

WoW: Repelling Invaders
© Blizzard

You typically can acquire other quests in WoW Classic by interacting with a non-player character (NPC), however, the only way to begin the Repelling Invaders quest is by acquiring the Warsong Outrider Mark.

Once you have obtained this item, you will be able to begin the quest. The quest’s description reads, “Bring the Warsong Outrider Mark to Felore Moonray, Priestess of the Moon, at the Moonwell base in Ashenvale.”

WoW: Repelling Invaders
© Blizzard

Several players have mentioned that they have struggled to find the Moonwell base in Ashenvale. The base is located between Talondeep Path and Splintertree Post.

We recommend that you travel to Splintertree Post and take the path south of the area. Players have to continue down the path until they reach the river and then follow the river south.

Keep in mind that you may have to cross the river to find the base. The base can be found slightly above the area where the river ends.


Players will receive rich rewards for taking the Warsong Outrider Mark to the Priestess of the Moon. The table below lists the rewards you will earn for completing the quest:

Reward Description
Silverwing Battle Hymn This item binds on pick-up, which means that you cannot trade the item with other players. By using this item all your healing and damage done will be increased by 5 percent for 2 hours.

Additionally, you will receive the following:

Category Amount
Experience Points (Original) 2 000
Experience Points (Season of Mastery) 2 790
Reputation with Ironforge 200

How to acquire the Warsong Outrider Mark

The Warsong Outrider Mark’s official description reads, “You acquired this item from a fallen Warsong Outrider combatant. Perhaps the Priestess of the Moon would be interested.”

You can procure this item by defeating Tojara, who is also referred to as the Blademaster.

Players should remember that this humanoid boss only spawns at certain places in Ashenvale. To find this boss, we recommend that you travel to Raynewood Retreat and take the path that travels south out of the area.

You can follow the path until you reach a crossroads and take the path that forks to the right. On this path you can find Tojara enemies on your right-hand side.

If you have reached the end of a small river, you have traveled too far and have to turn around.

Additional enemies that drop Warsong Outrider Mark

If you are struggling to defeat Tojara, there are a few other enemies that have a chance of dropping the Warsong Outrider Mark.

The following table lists the enemies you can defeat to earn the item:

Enemy Location
Moogul the Sly This enemy spawns near Splintertree Post.
Warsong Raider There are various locations this enemy can spawn. You can therefore find the Warsong Raider near Maestra’s Post, Raynewood Retreat and Splintertree Post.
Jubei You can find this enemy near Maestra’s Post.
Warsong Grunt This enemy spawns near Maesrta’s Post, Splintertree Post and Raynewood Retreat.
Warsong Shaman Players can find this enemy near Raynewood Retreat, Talondeep Path and Splintertree Post.

How to defeat Tojara

Players may have to defeat Tojara a few times before they acquire the Warsong Outrider Mark. Unfortunately, the level of the enemy is unknown, however you should note that the enemy has 520 895 health.

The fight is very similar to other boss fights in WoW Classic, however, we recommend that you consider Tojara’s abilities before starting the fight:

Ability Description
Bladestorm The enemy attacks all nearby players for 7 seconds. This ability causes weapon damage and an additional 5 every 1 second.
Cleave This ability inflicts weapon damage plus 50 to your character and its nearest allies. It can affect up to 10 targets.

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