WoW: Outland Cup Rewards

If you complete WoW’s Outland races, you will earn Riders of Azeroth Badges, which can be exchanged for a variety of items

World of Warcraft (WoW) players can currently enjoy the limited-time event, Outland Cup, which began on Thursday, 18 January 2023. You have until Wednesday, 31 January 2024 to complete as many races as possible across the Outland.

You can begin the introductory quest by speaking to Lord Andestrasz, who can be found near the Rostrum of Transformation in Valdrakken.

For every race that you complete, you will earn Riders of Azeroth Badges, which can be exchanged for unique items and rewards from Maztha, who is also in Valdrakken.

WoW: Outland Cup Rewards
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Similarly to previous renditions of this event, any leftover currency earned that you may have saved from previous race events  can be used on the new rewards available in this event.

You are able to purchase new transmorgs, Dragonriding customizations as well as Valdrakken Accord Insignias.

Maztha also sells the Manuscript of Endless Possibilities and if you use it, it will randomize the appearance of your dragon every time you climb on it.

If you complete all the races, you will receive a Gold Rank, which will reward players with the Outland Racing Completionist achievement.

For completing this achievement, players will get gold, the Outland Racer title and the Ruby Riders of Azeroth tabard.


Players can exchange their Riders of Azeroth Badges for a variety of items, though it is important to note that every item requires a specific number of Badges to purchase.

The rewards that you can choose from are:

Category Items
Dragon Customizations
  • Renewed Proto-Drake: Dual Horned Crest
  • Windborne Celocidrake: Curled Horns
  • Highland Drake: Swept Spiked Head
  • Cliffside Wylderdrake: Large Tail Spikes
Outlandish Drake Racer’s transmorg set
  • Outlandish Drake Racer’s Helmet
  • Outlandish Drake Racer’s  Scarf
  • Outlandish Drake Racer’s Shoulderpads
  • Outlandish Drake Racer’s Jersey
  • Outlandish Drake Racer’s Handwraps
  • Outlandish Drake Racer’s Belt
  • Outlandish Drake Racer’s Leggins
  • Outlandish Drake Racer’s Boots
  • Drake Racer’s Scarf

Valdrakken Accord Insignia

If you have purchased all of the above-mentioned rewards or you are not interested in any of the rewards, you can use your Badges to purchase Valdrakken Accord Insignia. This item grants you 2500 reputation with the Valdrakken Accord.

By increasing your reputation with the faction, you will gain access to Siege on Dragonbane Keep event, which takes place every few hours.

You will also be able to complete additional World Quests by unlocking Dragonriding World Quests and you will get access to dragon-themed ensembles and weapon transmorgs.

How many Azeroth Badges can you earn?

To participate in this event, you have to complete the introductory questline, which will reward you with 80 badges.

Players then have to progress through 13 unique races to earn additional Badges. Keep in mind though that your position at the end of the race determines the number of Badges you will receive.

If you obtain the Bronze position, you will only get 1 Badge, however, the Silver position will reward you with 2 Badges.

The goal is to reach the Gold position, which will reward you with 3 badges. That being said, every race can be completed in Normal, Advanced and Reversed modes.

Players who reach the Gold position for all 3 modes will therefore earn 9 Badges. If you manage to achieve Gold in all 3 modes of the 13’s races, you will earn a total of 117 Badges.

You can also complete the races on different characters, which increases the number of Badges that you can earn.

Which races should you complete?

As previously mentioned, there are 13 unique race courses that you can complete while the event is active.

Although some races are considered easier to complete than others, we recommend that you complete them all to accumulate as many Badges as possible.

Each race consists of 3 modes and players will be able to choose the mode before the race begins. After completing all 3 modes of a race, you can move on to the following race to complete its 3 modes.

WoW players can complete the following races:

  • Warmaul Wingding
  • Tempest Keep Sweep
  • Telaar Tear
  • Skettis Scramble
  • Shattrath City Sashay Shadowmoon Slam
  • Razorthorn Rise Rush
  • Hellfire Hustle
  • Fel Pit Fracas
  • Eco-Dome Excursion
  • Coilfang Caper
  • Blade’s Edge Brawl
  • Auchindoun Coaster

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