WoW: Kauriq Gleamlet

The Kauriq Gleamlet questline in WoW can be found in the Dragon Isles, and once it is completed, you will be rewarded with Iskaara Tuskarr Reputation.

World of Warcraft (WoW), a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, invites players to assume the roles of Warcraft heroes.

There are many activities that you can enjoy, along with thousands of quests. One of the quest lines you can complete is Kauriq Gleamlet, however, you need to have access to the Dragon Isles.

Questlines in WoW

Quests are tasks that are given to players by non-player characters and if you complete a quest, you will receive a reward. There are more than 24 000 quests in WoW, some of which are side quests, and others are main story quests.

Each region in WoW has its own main story quests, which is a series of quests that you can complete to learn more about that specific region.

While you are levelling up your character, it is crucial that you complete quests, as quests provide your character with experience points once they are  completed.

When you have reached the maximum level, you will receive gold instead of experience points.

WoW: Kauriq Gleamlet

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the ninth expansion of the game, and it introduces a whole new region with new quests to complete and monsters to defeat. The questline that you can complete in the Dragon Isles is Kauriq Gleamlet.

To pick up this quest, you have to go to the middle of Azure Archives and Camp Antonidas, where you will find Ruriq, an NPC. You can speak to him to acquire 2 quests, namely Mammoths Matter and Culling the Cullers.

WoW: Kauriq Gleamlet
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You can accept both quests simultaneously, even if they have different objectives. For Mammoths Matter, you have to collect On’tuq Hide Scraps and On’tuq Tusks from fallen On’tuq Mammoths near the Kauriq Gleamlet.

WoW: Kauriq Gleamlet
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While Culling the Cullers requires that you defeat Ice Slitherers and Ice Borers near the Kauriq Gleamlet.

You will get another quest, Tracking the Falls, and to complete this quest, you have to help Ruriq build The Fallstrider. To do this, you have to click on the boat that Ruriq is building, but while you are helping him, another NPC will show up and put a stop to building the boat.

You can complete the quest by talking to Kauj, who will present you with the The Gleamfisher quest. For this quest, you have to retrieve 3 Gleamfish and place them in the offering basket. After placing the fish in the offering basket, you have to wait until the spirit disappears to hand in your quest.

Players then have to break Freezing Waters from ice to complete the Ice Breakers quest. It is recommended that you also take on the Wayward Winds quest, as these quests are located in the same area.

To complete Wayward Winds, you have to slay 10 Restless Wind enemies. For the following quest, A Waste of Wind and Water, you have to defeat Kraunot, and thereafter, you can hand in the quest and get the last quest, Ruriq’s River Rapids Ride.

This quest requires that you ride the Fallstrider across the river and catch fish.


By completing the Kauriq Gleamlet questline, you will mostly be rewarded with in-game currencies, however, you will also get Iskaara Tuskarr Reputation. Players can gain or lose favour, also known as reputation, with many of the several factions in WoW.

Higher reputation gives you access to special rewards or new quests to complete. By completing the Kauriq Gleamlet questline, you will get a significant amount of reputation, which also counts toward the overall reputation in the Dragon Isles.

Is the Kauriq Gleamlet questline available to everyone?

Since the Kauriq Gleamlet questline can only be completed on the Dragon Isles, you need to have access to the Dragonflight expansion to complete it.

Unfortunately, this expansion can only be purchased with real-life money. However, by purchasing the expansion, you will get access to new locations, new quests, and new enemies.

Is it mandatory to complete the Kauriq Gleamlet questline?

Although it is not mandatory to complete some of the quests in WoW, you may have to complete some of them to progress in the story or to unlock additional features.

It is advisable that you do complete the Kauriq Gleamlet questline, as you will gain favour with the Dragon Isles if you do.

Even though it may seem like the Kauriq Gleamlet questline will take some time to complete, it will only take approximately 20 minutes to complete all the quests.

However, this time varies based on your character’s level. This is because a lower level character may have a difficult time defeating enemies.

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