WoW: Incandescent Essence

Incandescent Essence in WoW is a very unique item as its effects change based on your specialization, however, it is difficult to acquire.

In World of Warcraft (WoW), you can be the hero you want to be. Will you become an inventive Gnome Warlock, or will you fight as a Tauren Warrior?

The choice is entirely yours, however, you have to choose between the Alliance and the Horde.

Incandescent Essence

As you progress in WoW you will discover a range of items, gear and weapons that you can equip to enhance your character.

Several players mentioned that they have noticed characters with a new glowy head enchant walking around in Valdrakken.

This glowy head enchant is the new Incandescent Essence and it does not only look amazing, but it also gives your character unique bonuses based on your class.

Unfortunately, obtaining this enchant is not an easy task, but we recommend that you acquire it as its effects are extremely powerful.

WoW: Incandescent Essence
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Before farming the Incandescent Essence, we recommend that you level up your character to the maximum level and have the Emerald Dream unlocked.

Players must procure the Power of Dreams quest, which is centered around the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid.

This quest not only requires that you vanquish certain bosses in the raid, but also that you collect 50 Echoed Ephemera.

Since you can only fight each Amirdrassil boss once a week, you are limited to how many Echoed Ephemera you can loot. This essentially means that completing this quest will take several weeks.

Once you have procured enough Ephemera, you can talk to Merithra, and she will give you another quest which rewards you with the Incandescent Essence Helm Enchant.

Incandescent Essence effects

WoW players should remember that the Incandescent Essence has different effects for every class. The following table lists the different effects that the enchant has:

Role Description
Ranged DPS Your harmful abilities can summon a parliament of blazing spirit owls to divebomb your target. This deals 4913 Fire damage split between all nearby enemies.
Melee DPS There is a low chance that your attacks will draw torment from your victim to manifest a cruel blade based on the number of nearby opponents. This deals 7551 Shadowflame damage to solitary foes.
Healer Your healing could apply Bramble Barrier to your target. This absorbs 7189 damage and causes 867 Nature damage to attackers when struck.
Tank There is a chance that taking damage can fill you with Blazing Rage, which causes your abilities to deal 448 additional Fire damage. However, the damage is split between nearby enemies for 12 seconds and shields you for the damage dealt.

How to equip Incandescent Essence

Once you have obtained the Incandescent Essence, you can activate it to get its benefits. Players should note that this item is not consumed upon use, which means that you can keep it in your inventory and use it on different helmets.

Players simply have to open their Equipment or Character menu and place the Incandescent Essence item on their head gear.

Once you have equipped the item, you will instantly receive its bonuses, though the effects will be deactivated if you remove the item from your helm gear.

Essence of a Broken Dream

You can start the quest to acquire Incandescent Essence by looting Twisted Dreaming Essence from the first boss in the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid.

This item begins the Essence of a Broken Dream quest, which requires that you show the Twisted Dream Essence to Merithra, who can be found within the raid.

She will then give you the multi-week quest, The Power of Dreams, in which you have to defeat Igira the Cruel, Larodar, Keeper of the Flame, Tinder Sageswift and Smolderon.

Additionally, you have to procure 50 Echoed Ephemera, which can drop from opponents in the raid.

Players will only receive the Incandescent Essence when they have completed all The Power of Dreams’ objectives, but it may take several weeks to complete the quest.

Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope

When you enter the raid, we recommend that you kill Gnarlroot first to procure the Twisted Dream Essence as it starts the Essence of Broken Dream quest.

If you turn around and go to where you started the raid, you will encounter Merithra. WoW players can immediately turn in the quest to begin The Power of Dreams quest.

You can then progress through the raid and defeat the required bosses to complete the quest’s objectives.

Although you can complete the raid as a solo player, this is not recommended, as you may clear the raid faster when you are in a party with other players.

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