WoW: Hunter Runes SoD

There are 12 Runes WoW Classic Hunters can discover and equip however some Runes are considered better than others.

In World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic, you can follow Deathwing the Destroyer’s disastrous entrance, which left a festering wound in Azeroth.

Players can therefore explore a dramatically reforged Azeroth while protecting it from utter devastation.

Hunter Runes SoD

Blizzard recently released the Season of Discovery (SoD) expansion for WoW Classic, and it introduced various new features.

The announcement revealed that there are special runes hidden throughout Azeroth, which are waiting to be discovered.

Although there are many Runes to discover, some of the Runes can only be equipped by a specific class. If you are a Hunter there are 12 Runes that you can discover and equip to enhance your character.

WoW: SoD Patch Notes
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Every Rune for the Hunter class has unique effects, though they can only be equipped to a specific gear piece.

The Lone Wolf Rune, for instance, increases the damage you deal by 15 percent if you do not have a pet active, but it can only be equipped to a chest piece.

Explosive Shot, on the other hand, allows you to fire an explosive charge into the enemy target to deal damage.

The charge will deal damage again every second for an additional 2 seconds, but it can only be equipped to your character’s glove item.

You need to complete an objective to discover each Rune. This means that you may have to slay a certain enemy or find a certain item to discover the Rune.


In addition to the Runes mentioned above, you can equip some of the following Runes to boost your Hunter character:

Rune Description
Cobra Strikes Your critical hits with Shot abilities cause your pet’s next 2 special attacks to critically hit.
Master Marksman It increases your critical strike chance by 5 percent and reduces the Mana cost of all your Shot abilities by 25 percent.
Carve This Rune performs a sweeping attack which strikes all enemies in front of you for 50 percent weapon damage.
Kill Command You can give the command to kill, which increases your pet’s damage done from special attacks by 60 percent for 30 seconds. Every special attack done by the pet reduces the damage bonus by 20 percent.

Where to discover the Runes

It is noteworthy that you have to complete a specific objective  to unlock the Rune. The table below outlines how you can unlock the Hunter’s Runes:

Rune How to unlock
Aspect of the Lion You have to kill Carrodin.
Master Marksman Players must find a Rustling Bush and use their Hunter’s Mark on it to spawn enemies.
Lone Wolf Hunters can purchase this Rune from Grizzby, who is in Ratchet.
Cobra Strikes You have to use Freshwater Snapper Bait to spawn Koartul south east of Tarren Mill. The enemy will drop the Rune when he is killed.
Kill Command Players have to complete the Wild Wyvern Wrangling and Wrangling a Wild Wyvern quests to unlock this Rune.
Serpent Spread This Rune is purchasable when you reach Honored with the new Supply Factions.
Sniper Training Alliance players can defeat the Defias Scout to earn this Rune while Horde players must purchase a Fishing Harpoon and use it to lower Bruuz’s health.

Which Runes should you use?

The Hunters are purportedly getting some of the best Runes in the new expansion, which makes choosing the Runes that you want to use extremely difficult.

We recommend that you choose between Lone Wolf, Master Marksman and Aspect of the Lion for the chest piece as the Cobra Strikes Rune is quite underwhelming.

Sniper Training is the best leg Rune that you can find, as your character will gain a 10 percent bonus Critical Hit Chance.

However you can also consider Serpent Spread as it increases the class’s damage potential by applying the Serpent Sting DoT effect to all opponents hit by Multishot.

For the gloves Rune, we recommend that you use Beast Mastery, as it increases your pets’ damage and health points by 30 percent. It also gives your pet the ability to Taunt enemies directly, which makes pets more useful in battle.

How to equip a Rune

Once you have acquired a Rune, you can open the Character/Equipment Screen menu to find the list of Runes.

If you select the Rune you want to equip, all equipment slots will gray out except the one that the Rune can be engraved on.

WoW players can then select the piece of gear to be engraved and then wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

Keep in mind that you can only equip 1 Rune to a piece of gear, which means that new Runes will replace existing ones.

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