WoW: Forging is Key

On day 9 of WoW’s Secrets of Azeroth event, you can solve the clue, Forging is Key, but you have to harvest a few items to complete it.

You can customize and control a Warcraft hero in this exciting video game, World of Warcraft (WoW). The game regularly hosts events, one of which is Secrets of Azeroth.

During this event, you have to solve various clues to earn rewards. On day 9 of the event, players had to solve the Forging is Key clue.

WoW: Forging is Key

The Secrets of Azeroth is a World Event which requires that players solve clues to help the Preservationists find the perpetrator in a serial artifact heist. Every day during the event, you must solve certain clues to earn rewards.

On day 9 of the event, players have to solve the Forging is Key clue. You can pick up the Reforging a Legend quest by talking to Bobby Carlisle in the Valdrakken Inn.

You then have to talk to the Weaponsmith, Koref, which is in the Blacksmithing building in the Obsidian Enclave to obtain the Titan Key Materials list.

Players are required to gather items in the Waking Shores. You can find the Rose Gold Dust around the shores of the Overflowing Rapids, but to make finding them easier, you can use your Idol of Ohn’ahra.

The second item that you have to acquire is Igneous Flux and players can find it where lava meets saltwater. You can travel to the south of the Obsidian Citadel to find the Igneous Flux.

Once you have the items, you can travel to the Earth-Warder’s Forge, where you will find Koref.

You have to follow the steps of the quest and use your Torch of Pyrreth when prompted to loot the Reforged Titan Key. Players must take the key to Koref to complete the quest.


There are various achievements you can complete in WoW, though some achievements, like Whodunnit, can only be completed during certain events.

To complete this achievement, you have to figure out secrets which surfaced during the Secrets of Azeroth event. You have to solve the following clues:

  • Under Suspicion
  • Kirin Tor Knowledge
  • Forging is Key
  • Shifting Sands
  • A Chilling Ascent
  • An Inside Job?
  • Ceremonial Spear
  • The Race
  • A Curious Orb
  • A Proper Burial
  • What’s In a Mold?
  • The Idol of Ohn’ahra
  • Torch of Pyrreth
  • Thinking Cap
  • A Preservationist
WoW: Forging is Key
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It is clear that Forging is Key is part of the Whodunnit reward, which means that you will only get the final reward when you complete the achievement.

When you complete the achievement, you will receive a new tidal, Honorary Preservationist and a new mount, Pattie.

Pattie is a lama-like mount which offers your characters various buffs. It increases your ground speed, flight speed and swim speed when you run, fly or swim.

What if you miss a clue?

Allegedly, WoW players can complete the clues and earn rewards, even after Secrets of Azeroth concludes. The event therefore only serves as a means to release the clues every day.

Thus, you do not have to complete all the clues before a specific day to obtain the achievement. However, this also means that you can complete all the clues within a day once all the clues have been revealed.

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