WoW: Eredar Customization

WoW recently revealed that patch 10.1.7 will introduce Eredar Customization options, however, several players wish there were more customizable features.

You can explore the vast open world of Azeroth in this adventurous video game, World of Warcraft (WoW).

Gamers who are experimenting with gear, items and consumables on the PTR server are aware that patch 10.1.7 recently went live, which means that it will be added to the main client soon. Patch 10.1.7 will allow players to customize their Eredar.


The Draenei is an exiled race which crash-landed on Azeroth after fleeing its original home. They are worshipers of the Light, which means that they condemn any and all use of dark magic.

Many Draenei stayed behind on their home planet and became some of the legion’s strongest soldiers, and they are known as the Eredar.

Some Eredar can be found in Azeroth as they fight alongside WoW’s races. Since they are a big part of WoW’s lore, several players hoped that Blizzard would make the Eredar a playable race.

WoW: Eredar Customization

The Eredar were never a playable race in WoW, several players used the character creation phase to customize their Draenei to appear like an Eredar.

But Draenei players will be pleased to know that update 10.1.7 gives them access to Man’ari Eredar, and introduces an Eredar Customization option.

Once the patch goes live, Draenei players must complete a specific quest line that focuses on Velen’s prophecy of unexpected penitence. If you complete this quest, you will gain access to the Eredar Customization options.

This essentially means that you will not have access to the new customization options, even if the patch is live.

At the time of writing this, it is unclear where Draenei players can pick up the quest, but we believe that this will be announced in the near future.

When you have completed the quest, you will unlock 3 unique skin tones, 4 hair colors and a variety of eye colors. Although the appearance of these options differ, all of them were inspired by Man’ari Eredar.

You can choose between pink, purple-blue and orange-based skin tones. You can also customize your Eredar even more by selecting brown, purple, blond or light brown hair.

As for your character’s eye color, you can choose between a blue-green, yellow, purple and a black-purple eye color.

Since there are so many customization options available for the Eredar, players can create endless combinations of hair, eye and skin color. This means that it is unlikely that any Eredar will share the same appearance unless it was planned.

When will Patch 10.1.7 go live?

As previously explained, update 10.1.7 is already live on the PTS server, however it is undetermined when it will be released on the main client.

However, according to the Dragonflight patch roadmap, it is believed that patch 10.1.7 is scheduled for release in fall 2023.

Blizzard  releases patch updates every second month. The last patch was released in July 2023, which means that the next patch, which is 10.1.7, will be released in September 2023.

Will Blizzard release additional customization options?

At the time of writing this, it is unknown whether Blizzard will release additional customization options for Eredar or not.

That being said, several players have shared on a forum that they wish the customization options included more features.

Dejo93 shared, “Only wish is that they add some Fel tattoos, or give them those green veins and cracks in their skin from the Fel.”

Furthermore, another user, Cham79, revealed that Blizzard missed the opportunity to add the Eredar as an allied race.

However, he also feels that the customization options should include additional features, including wings, green eyes, fangs as well as indents in the characters’ faces.

Do you have to create a new character to access the Eredar customization options?

Blizzard is yet to reveal the functionality of the Eredar Customization options, which means that it is unclear at this point whether you will have to create a new character or not.

If this is the case, several Draenei players will be very disappointed, as they have already invested a lot of time and resources into leveling up their Draenei.

It is very unlikely that WoW players will have to create a new character to experience the new Eredar customization options, but we recommend that you keep an eye on the official WoW website to stay up to date on the Eredar customization news.

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