WoW: Eredar Customization Quest

To earn the new customization options for Draenei in WoW, players have to complete the Seeing Red achievement

World of Warcraft takes place in the fictional world of Azeroth, which is filled with magic and adventure.

Blizzard, the game’s developer, recently implemented the Fury Incarnate update, which introduces various features, including the Eredar Customization quest.

Fury Incarnate

On Tuesday, 5 September 2023, Blizzard launched the Fury Incarnate update in WoW. The update revealed that players have to defend the land against the Primal Incarnates as they rally forces to claim the power of the World Tree.

You can now unite with other players and face the onslaught of the Dreamsurge. Furthermore, you can honor your legacy with 2 new Heritage Armor sets; one for the undead and on for the night elves.

The update also introduced the Heroic Difficulty Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon, new campaign chapters, a new ping system and the Eastern Kingdoms Cup.

WoW: Eredar Customization Quest
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WoW: Eredar Customization Quest

The Fury Incarnate update also introduced a new questline and by completing it will unlock Man’ari Eredar customization options for Draenei.

It is worth noting that both Horde and Alliance players can unlock these cosmetics by completing the Prophecy Stirs quest and earning the Seeing Red achievement.

Keep in mind, though, that you need to be level 70 to accept this quest. If you are yet to reach level 70, you will not be able to view this quest. The questline begins with Prophecy Stirs, which requires that players go to the Vindicaar at Argus.

To make traveling easier, you can use the Teleportation crystal provided with the quest to teleport to the Vindicaar. When you arrive, you will receive Uncertainty and find a concerned Prophet Velen.

If you speak to him, you will learn that he had scattered visions of red and yellow in his dreams. He also reveals that Hatuun wishes to meet with him.

Velen mentions that he hopes that the reason for the meeting is that Hatuun has changed his offer to have the Broken rejoin the ranks of the Draenei.

Although the development is strange to Velen, he decides to give Arzal’kal a chance with Opening wounds.

He tasks you with helping Arzal’kal while he stays behind to speak with Hatuun in private. Players will then have to complete the Contrition and Severing Ties quests.

To complete them, you must help Arzal’kal retrieve something from one of his old Man’ari allies. Keep in mind, though, that you need to vanquish a handful of enemies who are still aligned with the Legion.

During Proof and Promise you will discover that the item Nalridun was holding was the Brilliant Star. After completing the last quest, players will complete the Seeing Red achievement and acquire the new toy, Mirror of Humility.

How to apply the new customization options

After completing the quest chain, you will unlock the Man’ari Eredar Draenei customization options for your account.

Fortunately, this is not something that will 100 percent require that you create a new character. However, players who wish to create a new character with the new customization options can do so.

WoW players have to visit the barbershop if they want to apply the new customizations to an existing character.

There are 10 barber shops scattered throughout WoW, however, you have to select the barbershop chair to open the customization menu.

You can change everything about the appearance of your character, including their gender.

Gaal the Blacksmith

In addition to the new customization options, you will unlock a new merchant, Gaal, in Krokuun. This blacksmith can forge unique items with a Draenei look.

Keep in mind, however, that the items you purchase from this merchant are not account-bound.

We therefore recommend that you purchase items from this merchant that have your Veiled Argunite already stored away. You can purchase the following items:

Item Description
Path of the Naruu Returns you to your Hearthstone Location
Anchorite’s Sorrow Players can add this appearance to their collection
Ancient Soulpriest’s Staff This cosmetic item alters the appearance of a Staff
Arinor Ritual Baton If you apply this item, you can change the appearance of a Mace
Eredath Crystal Hammer You can add this appearance to your collection
Lightfored Seeker This item can be sold or applied to a bow to change its appearance
Recovered Kaarinos Blade It changes the appearance of a Sword
Telaasti Mining Pick Players can add this appearance to their collection
Velenite Claymore This item changes the appearance of a sword

Gift of the Naaru

The customizations can be mixed and matched with existing ones, but characters who use the new red skin tones will earn additional rewards.

The Gift of the Naaru racial ability, which generally conjures a blue rune on their forehead, instead creates a Fel-touched green rune for the Man’ari characters.

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