WoW: ElvUI

One of the add-ons you can install in WoW is ElvUi and it allows you to completely change your user interface.

In World of Warcraft (WoW) you can explore the fantasy world of Azeroth in which you have to complete quests, progress through raids and defeat monsters.

Similar to other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, you can install numerous add-ons to enhance your gameplay.


One of the various add-ons you can install in WoW is ElvUI and it is essentially a full user interface replacement for the game. This means that ElvUi completely replaces the default Blizzard user interface.

Several WoW players believe that this is a collection of multiple add-ons, however ElvUi is a single add-on you can use to enhance your user interface.

In order to use ElvUi you have to download the application, however unlike other WoW add-ons, ElvUI is not available on the Curseforge client. This means that you have to head to the Tukui website to download it.

Players can either download the add-on manually or select the auto download and installation option via the WowUp Client.

If it is the first time you are downloading an add-on, we recommend that you use the WowUp Client as it simplifies the process.

WoW: ElvUI
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If you use the WowUp client you firstly have to run the install file and follow the given instructions. You then have to open the client and select the ‘get Addons’ on the left side of the menu.

Players will be able to click ‘Install’ on the ElvUI option before waiting for the client to complete the download and install the add-on.

Installer Steps

After installing ElvUI you can open the game to receive a pop-up step-by-step installer to set up the add-on. The following table lists the steps you have to complete for ElvUIl:

Step Description
1)  Welcome This welcome menu will reveal that the install process will help you learn some of the features ElvUI has to offer.
2)  CVars This part sets up your WoW defeat options and it’s crucial that you do this step for everything to function properly.
3)  Chat With this step you are able to set up your chat window names, positions and colors.
4)  Profile Players are able to create profiles for each character on their account.
5)  Theme You can choose a theme layout you want to use for your initial setup. You can change fonts and colors of any element of ElvUI.
6)  UI Scale WoW players can adjust the UI scale to fit their screen.
7)  Layouts You can select the layout you want to use based on your combat role.
8)  Auras This step allows you to select the type of aura system you want to use.
9)  Installation Complete Once you reach this step, you have completed the installation process.

ElvUI menu

The ElvUI menu has various options and it can be quite overwhelming when you open the window for the first time. In this menu you are able to tweak and adjust your user interface to enhance your gameplay.

Players will notice the following options when they open the ElvUI menu:

  • General
  • ActionBars
  • Bags
  • Buffs and Debuffs
  • Chat
  • Cooldown Text
  • DataBars
  • DataTexts
  • Maps
  • NamePlates
  • Skins
  • Tooltip
  • UnitFrames
  • Available Tags
  • Filters
  • Module Control
  • Plugins
  • Information
  • Profiles

Do note that each of the menu options allows you to customize your user interface even more.

We recommend that you take the time to carefully go through every option to customize your user interface according to your personal preference.

Chat Commands

WoW’s chat feature allows you to enter specific commands to open a certain menu, to perform a specific activity or to invite a specific player to a party.

By installing the ElvUI add-on, you will be able to use the following new chat commands:

Chat Command Description
/console scriptErrors 1 Indicates Lua errors to report them.
/fstack It lists all frames under your cursor.
/ec or /elvui This command opens the ElvUI option menu.
/emove By entering this command you will toggle anchors to move features around.
/kb This command toggles the keybind mode.
/egrid It toggles a grid on your screen.
/estatus This command displays ElvUI statistics for support questions.

Can ElvUI be used with other add-ons?

WoW players should remember that there are some add-ons that cannot be used with ElvUI while other add-ons require you to disable specific ElvUI options first.

The following add-ons can be used with ElvUI but you have to disable the specific ElvUI module first:

Add-On name ElvUI module you have to disable
Dominos ActionBars
Bartender4 ActionBars
Plater NamePlates
Healers-Have-To-Die Nameplates
Aloft NamePlates
TidyPlates NamePlates
Chatter Chat
Glass Chat
Prat Chat

While the following add-ons, or plugins are integrated to ElvUI and you should therefore delete them:

  • ElvUI_CustomTweaks
  • ElvUI_AuraBarsMovers
  • ElvUI_EverySecondCounts
  • ElvUI_CastBarOverlay
  • ElvUI_ExtraActionBars
  • ElvUI_VisualAuraTimers

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