WoW: Dragon’s Hoard Bar

WoW players can discover the Dragon’s Hoard Hidden Bar by interacting with the Odd Statue behind the Valdrakken Inn.

In World of Warcraft, players can assume the role of a powerful hero who fights towering monsters, delves into perilous dungeons and defends the world of Azeroth.

As you make progress in the game, you will explore numerous locations. There are also hidden locations that you may find, one of which is the Dragon’s Hoard Bar.

Hidden locations

WoW has countless nooks and crannies to explore, however, many locations go unnoticed for a range of reasons. You may have missed some of these locations during your travels:

Location Description
Darkshore’s Hidden Whirlpool Cave An area in Darkshore that holds a secret for those who give in to intrusive thoughts. In the South of Lor’danel, you can find a huge whirlpool and if you jump in it, you will be rewarded with a visit to a hidden area.
Hidden Lake in Darnassus Above Darnassus, tucked away in the hills west of Gnarlpine Hold, there is a tranquil body of water.
Campsite in Stonetalon Mountains Along the north-western ridge in Stonetalon Mountains is a desolate area which is perfect for relaxation and roleplay.
The Waking Shores Dive Bar Players can head over to the Hissing Grotto and find an underwater disco.

WoW: Dragon’s Hoard Bar

As you explore Valdrakken, which is the main city of the Dragonflight expansion, you will discover the Valdrakken Inn, which is located at 48,50, next to the Seat of the Aspects. Players can set their Hearthstone to this location with innkeeper, Tetris.

Although the Valdrakken Inn is a popular place in WoW, several players are unaware that there is a secret bar inside this inn within The Roasted Ram.

WoW: Dragon’s Hoard Bar
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Keep in mind, though, that you need to perform specific actions to get access to the Dragon’s Hoard bar.

The secret bar can be accessed by targeting the “Odd Statue.” which is in the back of the inn. You need to type /bow into the chat to be teleported to the Dragon’s Hoard.

Apart from piles of gold and roped-off areas which give it a VIP feel, the room has several Roasted Ram Patrons as well as its own innkeeper, Kritha.

It is believed that random events will occur in this bar every hour. At times, this place will be fairly quiet with a few lights on.

Other times the room will be lit up, and the dance floor will be full of dragons and Dracthyr letting loose. You may also find Burgos acting as a host for Fight Night.

Dragon’s Hoard Inhabitants

When you travel to Dragon’s Hoard, there are several inhabitants that you will find, some of which are listed in the table below:

Inhabitant Description
Kritha Kritha is a green drakonid innkeeper. Players can talk to him to set the Dragon’s Hoard as their Hearthstone location.
Burigos He is a Dracthyr located in the Dragon’s Hoard. You can occasionally see him act as a host for Fight Night.
Roasted Ram Patrons Roasted Ram Patrons are green dragonspawn and bronze drakonid + in the Roasted Ram and the Dragon’s Hoard.
Dance Party Patron Players may occasionally see dragons and Dracthyr letting loose on the dance floor of the Dragon’s Hoard.


You may discover a Fight Night when you are visiting the Dragon’s Hoard. There are 3 fights that you may find, each of which has unique fighters participating in the event.

Players can view the fight between Reno Jackson and Nisha, as well as the battle between Master Boom Boom and Hanzabu. The last fight you can watch is between Commander Thadezuz and Murrok.

Keep in mind that the fights are not always active though, but we recommend that you visit the Dragon’s Hoard every hour to see which activity is taking place and when.

Does the Dragon’s Hoard feature unique quests?

Unfortunately, there are no known quests that players can pick up, or complete in the Dragon’s Hoard.

Similarly to other hidden locations in WoW, the Dragon’s Hoard serves as a hidden gem that gamers can discover as they progress in the game.

That being said, you can only visit the Dragon’s Hoard bar if you have access to the Dragon Isles. This means that players who did not purchase the Dragonflight expansion cannot visit the Dragon’s Hoard bar.

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