WoW Dragonflight: Primal Storms

During the WoW: Dragonflight pre-patch event, you can attempt to complete Primal Storms in order to earn rewards.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a well-renowned massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that takes place in the Warcraft fantasy universe.

Like with other MMORPGs, players have to control a character in the world of the game to explore the regions, fight horrific foes, complete quests, and interact with non-player characters.

WoW was released in 2004 and it has since received 8 major expansions which add new content to the original game.

The ninth expansion, Dragonflight, also introduces new content to the game, but the developer, Blizzard, is hosting pre-patch events to stir up excitement amongst players for the new expansion.

During the pre-patch event, you can complete Primal Storms to earn rewards.

WoW: Dragonflight

Dragonflight is the ninth expansion for WoW, and it is set for release on 28 November 2022. The events of the expansion take place after the events of the Shadowlands expansion.

The Dragon Isles is the main setting of Dragonflight, and it is divided into 5 separate zones that gamers can explore. The main zones are The Azure Span, Thaldraszus, the Waking Shores, and Ohn’ahran Plains.

In addition to new regions that can be explored, you can increase your character’s level to 70, which is currently the highest character level. The expansion also introduces a user interface revamp, and new talent tree systems to discover.

WoW Dragonflight: Primal Storms

There are activities to enjoy during the pre-patch event, which occurs from 15 November 2022 until the launch of Dragonflight. The event revolves around repelling Primal Storms and farming Primeval Essence from horrific creatures in 4 major regions in Azeroth.

WoW Dragonflight: Primal Storms
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Your character has to be at least level 10 to participate in the pre-patch event. The introduction quest for the event will automatically appear in your Quest log. Horde players must seek out Ebyssian in Orgrimmar, and Alliance players must talk to Wrathion in Stormwind.

During the pre-patch event, you may discover that 3 locations are being invaded by Primalist forces for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Primal Storms can be found in Northern Barrens, the Badlands, and in the Un’Goro Crater.

The zone that is currently under attack will be marked with an icon on the world map. When players open the zone map with the active Storm, they will discover which areas are under attack.

However, 1 location in the zone will be marked with a skull, which indicates that this is the area where the boss will spawn.

Each Primal Storm has 2 stages; the first stage is Primal Ward, in which you have to defeat elemental creatures to decrease the Elemental Protection progress bar to 0. This is a zone-wide effort, and you only need to be present in the zone to get credit.

Keep in mind that the invasion boss is invulnerable in this stage. Once the second stage, called Containing the Elements, begins, players can attack the invasion boss. You have to defeat the unleashed elemental to complete the phase and clear the Primal Storm in the area.

How long does it take for a Primal Storm boss to respawn?

Since every WoW player will be participating in the pre-patch event, the Primal Storm boss will die quickly. Fortunately, Invasion bosses spawn every 20 minutes.

When they are defeated, they could drop 20 to 30 Primeval Essences, catch-up gear for alts that scale with level, and a Sigil of Storms quest item on your first kill, which can be exchanged for 60 Primeval Essence.

Players can also procure 1 of 4 fragments that can be combined to get an Heirloom Trinket.

Primal Storm types

There are 4 invasion types, each of which has specific mobs and environmental hazards that you must conquer. The table below lists each Primal Storm type and describes each.

Primal Storm type Description
Earth Invasion During the Earth Invasion, players have to defeat Imbued creatures to unleash the Rumbling Earth Lord who could drop Primeval Essence, gear, and Dimmed Primeval Earth
Fire Invasion While this storm is active, you have to defeat the Raging Fire Lord to get gear, Primeval Essence, and Dimmed Primeval Fire
Storm Invasion When you come across the Storm Invasion, you need to defeat the Unbridled Storm Lord. Once he is defeated, you can earn Primeval Essences, Dimmed Primeval Storm, and gear
Water Invasion The Glacial Ice Lord could also drop Primeval Essence, gear, and Dimmed Primeval Water once he is defeated

Unstable Elemental Confluence

As seen in the table above, you earn a Dimmed Primeval item for defeating the respective bosses.

Once you have the Dimmed Primeval Fire, Dimmed Primeval Water, Dimmed Primeval Earth, and Dimmed Primeval Storm items, you can combine them to acquire the Unstable Elemental Confluence.

When equipped, your spells and abilities have a chance of ushering in primal magics, which deal damage to enemies and buffs allies.

This item can only be acquired by defeating Primal Storms, which will be removed from WoW once Dragonflight launches.

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