WoW Dragonflight: Embellishments

Embellishments in WoW enable players to add unique effects and bonuses to their weapons and gear, but they are only available in the Dragonflight expansion.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a thrilling video game that invites players to take on the role of Warcraft heroes. Blizzard, the game’s developer, occasionally introduces new content to the game.

They recently released the ninth expansion, Dragonflight, along with a new system which is called Embellishment.

Why do video games release new content?

Gamers allegedly get bored of a video game if they repeatedly complete the same content. Therefore, many players will stop playing it entirely.

Blizzard introduces a new expansion for WoW every few years. With the new expansion, players can enjoy new content, complete new quests, explore new regions, and defeat new enemies.

Game developers thus add new content to video games to keep the games exciting for players. In the same way, Blizzard is attempting to motivate potential players to enjoy WoW by releasing new expansions of the game.

This means that their audience numbers will most likely grow when they release new content.

WoW Dragonflight: Embellishments

Dragonflight, the ninth expansion for WoW, not only introduces new quests, regions, gear, and enemies, but it also introduces a new system which known as Embellishment.

Embellishments are specific abilities that can be added to a piece of gear or to weapons to add an Equip bonus.

WoW: Embellishment
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There are currently 2 methods that players can use to acquire Embellished items. Firstly, players can obtain Optional Crafting Reagents that add Embellishments.

You can add these reagents to your generic Epic Quality, and some Blue quality, crafted weapons, and gear to unlock a special Equip bonus. This, in turn, means that your gear and weapons will become more powerful.

There are numerous Embellishments that target varying statistics and bonuses. For instance, players can use an Embellishment to improve their potions, or they can increase the amount of damage that they do as a healer.

This type of Embellishment allow players to create a set of crafted gear that is based on their personal needs and goals.

You can also acquire crafted weapons and gear that already include Embellishments. These items, such as the Toxic Thorn Footwraps, come with an existing Embellishment that can either be modified or removed.

The gear that comes with pre-determined Embellishments occasionally has an additional requirement of a set bonus. This means that you have to wear both pieces of the same set to benefit from the Embellishment effect.

It is imperative to note that you can only wear 2 of these Embellishment pieces simultaneously. Applying an Embellishment to a piece of gear will generally give you different bonuses. Players must then choose the effect that they want to receive carefully.

Gear with player-added Embellishments and gear with pre-determined Embellishments share this restriction.

Engineering restrictions

There is no option for engineering gear, such as the Difficult Wrist Protectors and Peripheral Vision Projectors, to add Embellishments, despite not having 1 already attached.

However, engineering gear pieces use a specific engineering system of Safety Components and Tinker Sockets.

If you are using Engineering gear, you will not be able to use Embellishments. Instead, you have to use Safety Components and Tinker Sockets to unlock bonus effects.

Can players without the Dragonflight expansion use Embellishments?

Since the Embellishment system was introduced with the Dragonflight expansion, it is alleged that only players who purchased the Dragonflight expansion can use the Embellishment system.

This means that if you are interested in acquiring additional gear and weapon effects, you have to purchase the Dragonflight expansion in order to unlock Embellishments.

Optional Reagent Embellishments

There are numerous Optional Reagent Embellishments that players can use to add bonus effects to their weapons and gear. Some of these Embellishments and their effects are as follows:

Item Crafted by Description
Magazine of Healing Darts Engineering When you heal, there is a chance that you  fire a Healing Dart.
Toxified Armor Patch Leatherworking This Embellishment infuses the item with the essence of decay. It allows decayed gear to have its effects increased by 100 percent.
Bronzed Grip Wrappings Tailoring Your character’s damaging and healing spells and abilities could echo in time. This deals a specific amount of Arcane damage or healing with their echo.
Alchemical Flavor Pocket Cannot be crafted, however it drops from the Supply-Laden Soup Pot after completing the Community Feast quest. It increases the duration of Well Fed from Dragon Isle meals by 100 percent, and they now persist through death.
Armor Spikes Blacksmithing There is a chance that your character could cause physical damage when struck by a melee attack.

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