WoW: Boggle at Soridormi

One of the Trading Post activities in WoW is to use the boggle emote at Soridormi, who can be found at Tyrhold Reservoir

In World of Warcraft (WoW), players can create and control a Warcraft hero to explore the fictional world of Azeroth. A recent update introduced the Trading Post to the game.

To obtain items, you have to complete various objectives. One of the objectives that you can complete in August 2023 is to Boggle at Soridormi.

WoW: Boggle at Soridormi

The Trading Post is a new feature in WoW, and it enables players to purchase mounts, toys, transmorgs and pets. To purchase these items, you have to procure Trader’s Tenders by completing monthly activities in The Traveler’s Log.

The Traveler’s Log contains a variety of objectives that you can complete to earn Trader’s Tender, but there is only a set number of Tenders that you can earn monthly through completing these activities.

This means that you do not need to complete all of the objectives in the Traveler’s Log.

One of the activities that you can complete is Boggle At Soridormi, which can be found in Tyrhold Reservoir in Thaldraszus on the Dragon Isles.

To complete this activity, players must travel to Soridormi and click on him. They then have to type /boggle in the chat bar. After using the boggle emote, you will complete the activity and earn 50 Travel Points.

WoW: Boggle at Soridormi
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Do you need an active Time Rift to Boggle at Soridormi?

Several WoW players believed that the Boggle at Soridormi activity required an active Time Rift to complete, but this is not the case.

You simply have to visit Soridormi in Thaldraszus and use the emote /boggle at her to complete the objective.

Traveler’s Log

You can also complete the following objectives to earn Travel Points:

Activity Travel Points
Complete 1 Dragonriding Rally Course on the Dragon Isles 100
Complete the Little Scales Daycare Storyline 250
Procure the Box of Collapsed Reality 50
Complete 5 Time Rifts 150
/awe at a Winning Outfit Display 20
Complete 10 ‘Work It’ Quests 180
Loot 7 free t-shirts 70
/flex at an Opposite Faction player while wearing a free t-shirt 80
Capture an Uncommon Rarity Battle Pet 100

Trading Post August 2023 items

By completing a series of objectives, you will earn Trader’s Tender, which you can use to purchase the items listed below:

Item Type Price
Spirit of Competition Pet 650 Trader’s Tender
Alabaster Thunderwing Horde Mount 650 Trader’s Tender
City Guard Heater Shield Shield 50 Trader’s Tender
Ember Court Soiree Gloves Gloves 100 Trader’s Tender
Azure Scalesworn Longbow Bow 200 Trader’s Tender
Crimson Nexus Crescent 2-Hand Ae 225 Trader’s Tender
Hood of Hungering Darkness Head 400 Trader’s Tender

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