World Flipper’s Rolf

Players may have a hard time obtaining The Black Wolf Knight also known as Rolf, in World Flipper since he is a five-star character.

World Flipper is a newly released pin-ball mobile game. The game’s storyline begins when two lost souls caused a shift in the universe, and the planets revealed themselves in their full splendour. A boy and a girl met in a forgotten village, a speck of dust in a limitless sky. The girl could not picture her future, while he cannot remember his past.

For some time, they lived together in peace and friendship. However, fate struck like a lightning bolt, bringing with it a power that would change their lives forever. The power came in the form of Light, who was once a champion in a faraway world, but is not transformed into a rabbit-like creature. The champion is being hunted by agents of the Dark Throne. As if to wake the boy and girl to defeat the evil force, the village rumbled and shifted. Then, the girl stated, “World Flipper activated.”

The game allows players to travel across multiple worlds, each with its own characters to meet and mysteries to solve. Players can also team up with their friends and link skill chains together to defeat nightmarish foes.

The game currently features various characters, also known as units, for players to collect. Each unit is beautifully illustrated, with episodic story arcs for players to unlock. It is important to note that each character has unique skills and abilities. Players should thus carefully consider which characters to use in their team. One of the units that players can obtain is Rolf, more popularly known as The Black Wolf Knight.

The Black Wolf Knight, aka Rolf

The Black Wolf Knight forms part of the Fire Attribute and takes on the role of an attacker. Players may have a difficult time collecting him, as he is a five-star character. He usually uses a sword to fight, and is part Human part Beast.

The Black Wolf Knight’s skills and abilities

The following table indicates the skills and abilities of the Black Wolf Knight:

Skills Abilities
Mortschlag: With a loud war cry, the Black Wolf Knight is able to break all of the bosses’ break points and deal fire damage to all enemies on screen. Additionally, he will charge towards the nearest enemy and deal fire damage with a hit. The skill also applies a penetration buff of 10 seconds on all allies. It is important to note that this skill costs 540. While the penetration buff is active on The Black Wolf Knights’ allies, he has the ability to increase his own attacks by 20 percent. He also increases the leaders attack by 40 percent.
For every level three power flip, the party leader’s attack can increase with a maximum of 60 percent. This ability also increases the damage by 25 percent.
The Black Wolf Knight has the ability to increase its own attack with 30 percent.
Every three, level three power flips, The Black Wolf Night’s own skill gauge will increase by 10 percent.  It is important to note that this ability has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
The Black Wolf Night has the ability to increase the power flip damage by 20 percent.
Every 20 attacks The Black Wolf Knight deals will increase his own attack by 20 percent. However, the maximum it can increase is by 40 percent.

In addition to his skills and abilities, The Black Knight features a leader buff, Chivalry of the Loyal. The buff increases all Fire attribute characters’ attack with 60 percent. Additionally, it increases the power flip damage by 100 percent.


The Black Wolf Knight, also known as Rolf is one of the unit’s players are able to collect in World Flipper. However, players may have a difficult time obtaining him, as he is a five-star unit. The Black Wolf Knight forms part of the Fire attribute and takes on the role of an attacker in battle. In combat, he wields a sword while using multiple abilities and a skill to defeat his enemies. It is believed that he is stronger than other units, as he is part Human and part Beast.

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