Why Sifu has been delayed

Sloclap released a new trailer for Sifu on Wednesday, 8 July 2021, featuring a new environment, as well as a new launch date.

During Sony’s State of Play livestream, several new games, trailers and gaming content were revealed, including the trailer for the new game, Sifu. It was revealed in the trailer that the release date of the action game has been delayed, as the game is now scheduled to launch early in 2022.

Sifu is the hand-to-hand combat action game from Sloclap, the independent studio behind Absolver. The game puts the player in control of a young Kung-Fu student who is on the path of revenge. The hunt for enemies will take players through the hidden corners of a city, from the gang-ridden suburbs, to the hallways of corporate towers.

However, some restrictions were put in place due to the coronavirus lockdown, which slowed down the game’s development. This meant that the team could either hurry to finish the game, or delay it to next year – which is what Sloclap did. Despite the bad news, gamers have a new trailer to watch. It is the first Sifu trailer that explains the game’s aging mechanic. In the game, the protagonist ages every time he dies, which allows him to instantly stand up and continue fighting. However, he cannot keep getting older forever.

Furthermore, even though the character can die in the game, it does not mean that he will get weaker with every death. Sloclap wanted to use the belief of ‘classic Kung Fu masters getting better with age’ in the game. The trailer also hinted at a new environment – a night club, as well as new enemy types.

According to Epic Games, Sifu’s combat is focused on close-range fights, which encourages players to use the environment to their advantage. Players can pick up weapons, slam their enemies into walls or throw them over furniture. However, the enemies are able to use these same tactics against the player.

Sifu is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and personal computer users in early 2022.

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