Why do so many people use octane in Rocket League?

Many players say Octane is the best pick because it hits a sweet spot in terms of turning radius hitbox size, and shot impact — and that likewise manifests itself in how effective it is with dribbling and aerial ball control.

Why does everyone use Octane in Rocket League?

It was a popular car in SARPBC, which most of the top players are veterans of, and then it was the only car in the Rocket League alpha, so they got used to using it and never felt as comfortable with anything else. It’s also fairly well-rounded stats-wise, not too tall or short and with a good turning radius.

Why is Octane the best car in Rocket League?

With its tight turning radius and unmatched responsiveness, the Octane is perfect for fast plays – both on the ground and in the air. It fits well in its hitbox (i.e. how the ball and other cars interact with it), making it fairly easy to get to grips with.

Is Octane or Fennec better?

Remember these are just a few pro players, the Octane is still more popular however, over the last few months we’ve seen a huge increase in pros switching to the Fennec. This is likely due to the fact that the Fennec has a more compact design, which some players find easier to control.

How rare is the Octane in Rocket League?

The Octane is classified as “Common” rarity. The Octane is one of the three bodies that can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. It has remained the most popular body in the game since Rocket League’s release.

Stop Using The OCTANE… FENNEC Vs. OCTANE In 2023

Is Octane better Rocket League?

I think the octane hit box feels more agile than the dominous, plank or hybrid hit boxes and definitely less of a brick than the merc. the octane car model fits the hit box closer and in a more intuitive way than most other octane hit box cars.

What is the best weapon for octane?

While it’s fun to hit insane long-range sniper shots, you’re wasting Octane’s potential by doing so. Instead, Octane is better off when paired with shotguns, SMGs, or even a rifle like the R-301 Carbine. Stim and Launch Pad are great abilities that you can use to cover large distances between you and your enemies.

What is the best Rocket League skin?

Going Decal-less

  • 8 Stripes.
  • 7 Spatiotemporal.
  • 6 Unzipped.
  • 5 Huntress.
  • 4 Goop.
  • 3 Snowstorm.
  • 2 Interstellar.
  • 1 Filiformer.

Why do all pros use Octane?

Many players say Octane is the best pick because it hits a sweet spot in terms of turning radius hitbox size, and shot impact — and that likewise manifests itself in how effective it is with dribbling and aerial ball control.

What are the 3 best cars in Rocket League?

tl;dr: The top 3 cars for each body type based on hitbox fit are as follows:

  • Octane: Harbinger, Fennec, Octane.
  • Dominus: Masamune, Ripper, Tyranno GXT.
  • Hybrid: Insidio, Venom, X-Devil.
  • Merc: Merc, Ford Bronco Raptor RLE, Nomad GXT.
  • Breakout: Breakout Type S, Breakout, Nexus SC.
  • Plank: Centio V17, Paladin, Twin Mill III.

What is the most op car in Rocket League?

The best Rocket League cars, ranked Top Trumps style

  • The Octane. There aren’t many real cars out there like the Octane, the MVP of Rocket League. …
  • The Merc. …
  • The Breakout. …
  • The Batmobile. …
  • The Fennec. …
  • The Dominus. …
  • The Scarab.

Is Octane good or bad?

For most vehicles, higher octane fuel may improve performance and gas mileage and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by a few percent during severe duty operation, such as towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads, especially in hot weather. However, under normal driving conditions, you may get little to no benefit.

Why does Fennec feel better than Octane?

While sharing the same hitbox, the Fennec’s physical design is different from the Octane. Its flatter and wider appearance could be misleading compared to its hitbox. However, players who have adapted to it commend its design for better alignment with the ground, which can help in certain dribbling situations.

What cars do RLCS pros use?

Octane. The Octane Rocket League car is the most used vehicle in the eSports scene and has been since the very first RLCS. Around 70% of professional players use the Octane due to its all rounded, consistent hitbox.

Does Octane have ADHD?

A big reason why Octane turned to extreme sports and adrenaline-pumping activities was due to him often getting bored and being unable to sit still. These types of behaviors have often been linked to ADHD, and instead of receiving medication from his parents, he turned to near-death experiences.

Who pairs with Octane?

When paired with certain legends, Octane’s abilities become even more powerful. For example, pairing him with Bloodhound can make it easier to track and chase down enemies. Likewise, pairing him with Gibraltar can make a formidable team by combining Octane’s speed with Gibraltar’s shield and defensive abilities.

How do you play Octane aggressively?

To be effective with Octane, players should get in close and deal damage before getting out of harm’s way quickly. They should also use his Stim ability frequently, leveraging increased speed to press the attack, cross open ground, or escape danger.

Is Octane easy to play?

One of the best things about Octane is that he is very easy to learn. He’s actually one of the best Legends for beginners because of his easy-to-understand kit. However, there are still some things that you should do when playing as Octane.

How many legendary skins for Octane?

There are a total of 95 Legend skins for Octane; 34 Legendary, 18 Epic, 27 Rare and 16 Common. Note: Story of Octane: ↑ The Victory Lap: As Octane’s feed exploded–literally and figuratively–fame, fortune, and fanaticism screamed for his attention.

Does Octane move faster?

Octane Tactical tips: Stim

At the cost of 20 health, Octane will be 30% faster at normal speeds and 40% faster while sprinting.

Is Octane the fastest car in Rocket League?

Is the octane the fastest car? Octane is the fastest car in Rocket League. However, this game is about something other than who has the quickest car, as the gameplay depends on many factors.

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