Why did Fall Guys die so quick?

Fall Guys is a multiplayer party game, created by Mediatonic, which sparked conversation on the public’s quick disinterest in it.

Fall Guys launched on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in August 2020, and was quickly put to the side by gamers who believed that it had gotten boring and had no ultimate mission. The game hosts up to 60 players, who all appear as jellybean-like avatars. The players battle one another as they move around a three-dimensional playing field, whilst having the option of jumping, grabbing, climbing or driving to stay alive.

Merely two months after its launch, online gamers began to abandon the game, with many claiming that it quickly becomes boring. With no consequential aim or levelling, players claimed that there was no purpose to playing it, as it was unlikely that you could become a winner. Game developers, Mediatonic, did not update the game according to the user feedback, causing for the hype around Fall Guys to drastically quieten down.

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