Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

To acquire all the necessary parts and components of hardware for an ideal gaming setup can be an expensive and challenging thing to do.

Users will need to know what to look for before they start to buy all the items, and they will also need to have a big budget. However, this is much easier said than done.

One may have a bit of money saved to buy gaming components, but they will probably not be able to buy everything they need at one time.

This means that a user will need to save up more money in order to buy the things they need before buying the things they want. Nevertheless, users may still be shocked by the prices of some hardware components and accessories.

A specialized gaming chair may be an absolute necessity for some, but it may be an unneeded addition for others. However, both types of people can agree that the prices of these upgraded office chairs are at times very expensive.

Gaming chairs come in two basic varieties, one comes with a tilt wheel, and the other has a rocker armrest.

Both of these chairs have the same basic features, such as a recline option, two D-shaped motion control buttons, push-button access to the gaming chair’s seat, a locking foot-thru system, and a very comfortable seat. The difference between the two chairs lies in the extras it provides to the user.

Factors that affect the price of a gaming chair


On a basic level, there is not much of a difference between high-end office chairs and gaming chairs. Both uses are fairly the same, and both are built to perform the same function. However, there is one key difference between gaming and office chairs – their designs.

Gaming chairs generally feature stylish and sporty designs, which is very different from the minimalistic and simple aesthetic of office chairs. The design of a gaming chair can cause an increase in the gaming chair’s price, as it can take much longer and more effort to manufacture such a chair.


Gamers tend to play video games for a long period of time, so they want to be as comfortable as possible. The manufacturers use premium, high-quality cold foam padding, which is made out of polyurethane polymers, in order to create a very comfortable gaming chair.

A tilt wheel chair offers gamers a more comfortable sitting position than a rocker-arm chair, while a recline chair offers a more relaxed sitting position than a typical office chair. However, office chairs are not meant to be lounged in.

Therefore, they are better suited to be sat in for just a few hours at a time. However, gaming chairs are designed with comfort in mind, so they tend to keep gamers comfortable for longer periods of time.


Gaming chairs offer more adjustability to the user than traditional office chairs. Most gaming chairs have a backrest that can be tilted to suit the curvature of your back, as well as detachable armrests.

Office chairs do not feature these options and are often designed to be fixed upright in order to keep the user’s back supported. However, this can lead to multiple physical conditions and problems.

The user is essentially paying for the increased level of adjustability. That being said, these added features will not make much of a difference if the user does not plan to be seated for long periods of time.


Gaming chairs are generally far more ergonomically designed than other chairs. They provide ample back support while maintaining the user’s eye level with their screen.

The gaming chairs are also able to fit the height of the user’s desk. All of these features lead to a far healthier, safety-centric experience that decreases the user’s chances of being troubled with any impairing conditions.


If a company has good brand awareness, brand equity and an established brand image, it will be able to add that brand value to an item’s price tag.

Brands like AKRacing and Secretlab are known for manufacturing the best gaming chairs. These two companies both specialize and made their name on developing top-quality gaming chairs.

However, there are other brands like Corsair and Logitech, which are already established but are known in a much wider perspective when it comes to gaming.

These brands have official stores on Amazon

AKRacing Gaming Chairs

Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Corsair Gaming Chairs

Logitech Gaming Chairs 

Even when the price of a gaming chair looks reasonable, the user is already paying for the brand that comes with that chair. On some occasions, this is how gaming chairs reach an absurd price.

For example, Logitech collaborated with Herman Miller to create the ‘ultimate’ gaming chair. The chair,  Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair, received good reviews, however, the $1,600 price tag will leave a dent in anybody’s budget.

The chair naturally uses all premium materials, but the cost comes from the Herman Miller brand. They are a well-known furniture company that arguably makes the most comfortable office chairs.

Combine that with Logitech’s brand as a reputable computer peripherals manufacturer, and gamers have the best combination for a gaming chair.

The exterior of the gaming chair

The material of what a gaming chair is made of can increase the price of the chair a lot. Secretlab offers three different types of exteriors, with three different price tags. All of which have their own advantages once a user goes for the higher-priced variants.

Their most expensive variant is where the company uses the leather used for luxury car seats, which is one of the most premium leathers out in the market to manufacture a gaming chair.

Secretlab Titan Evo on Amazon

However, the type of material and leather varies for every gaming chair brand, and some do not even offer different variants for a particular gaming chair.

If the user has a good quality leather chair, they can expect their chair to look pristine for at least three to five years.

However, with proper care and maintenance, the longevity of the gaming chair increases when it is made out of real leather. Nevertheless, choosing a fabric gaming chair will not only be cheaper, but it will be much cooler to sit on.


Gaming chairs are definitely a luxury product, however, there are still several options and alternatives available for users to look into.

In general, if a user is concerned with customizability and ergonomics, go for an economically friendly entry-level gaming chair. Otherwise, a normal office chair will serve the same purpose, as long as the user does not spend too much time seated in it.


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