Who is the best person to marry in Stardew Valley?

It is alleged that the best person to marry in Stardew Valley is Abigail, as she is the only non-player character who will join you in the mines.


Stardew Valley is a thrilling online video game that invites players to experience farming, role-playing, and simulation elements. It is set in a persistent world with a small town, various enterprises and a farm. You can build and create your farm according to your liking by planting crops, raising animals, and crafting items, amongst other things.

Since the game is open-ended, you can enjoy and partake in numerous activities, such as exploring the mines, hunting achievements, selling produce, and building relationships with the town’s inhabitants. Once a relationship with a non-player character (NPC) has progressed far enough, you will be able to marry and have children with them.

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Why should you marry an NPC?

You will be able to marry one of the six eligible bachelors and six eligible bachelorettes who live on the island, though players should keep in mind that marriage is only available once they have met the specific requirements for it. The NPC will move to your farm after the wedding has taken place.

Marriage, in the game, can have a great influence on your farm. This is because spouses can water your crops, feed your animals, and repair fences, among other tasks. It is worth noting that spouses can also become unhappy, which will result in them doing undesirable things, such as laying in the bed the entire day.

Who is the best person to marry in Stardew Valley?

When considering all the potential spouses, there are a few who stand out as particularly amazing, or significantly underwhelming. Players should, therefore, choose their spouses very carefully, as they can greatly impact your gameplay.

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The following table lists some of the best NPCs to marry in the game and a description of each:

Character Description


She is undeniably the best marriage partner, as she is the only one who will join you in the mine. Allegedly, there is no other love interest as imaginative as Abigail.


Even though Sebastian is a difficult person to talk to, he is the best male love interest in the game.


Harvey is devoted to keeping everyone in the town healthy. He is bashful but can be embarrassed easily.


Emily is an energetic woman who will trade her recipes and dance for you. Befriending her is the only way to obtain the Red Plate recipe.

Does it matter who you marry?

All things considered, it does not matter who you marry in the game. The mechanics of marriage and the benefits you receive are the same, regardless of which NPC you marry. This means that no NPC does anything differently than another NPC when they are married.

Nonetheless, you should try to marry as quickly as possible, because your spouse has the ability to perform tasks around the farm. This is especially valuable when you are in a hurry to get as much done as possible in a short amount of time.

Who is the nicest NPC in the game?

Even though Haley is quite superficial when you first meet her, she becomes the nicest person once you get to know her. She starts donating her clothes and starts appreciating her community and home. Furthermore, she makes an effort to spend more time outdoors, talk to her sister, and to appreciate life more.

Haley is described as an affectionate and caring character once you invest some time and effort into your relationship with her. If you marry her, you will receive maple bars, eggplant parmesan, and various other consumables.

Can you get divorced?

Once you have been married for a while you may discover that you do not want to be married to your spouse anymore. Fortunately, it is quite easy to file for a divorce. To begin the process, players have to go to Mayor Lewis’ house.

On the left side of the house you will find 2 books, the divorce panel will pop up once you have interacted with the books. Players should note that filing for a divorce costs approximately 50 000 gold. Once you have filed for divorce, you will have until the end of that day in case you change your mind about the divorce, which you can cancel by interacting with the books again if you do.

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Final thoughts

Players can immerse themselves in small town living and experience the farming life in this well-renowned video game, Stardew Valley. The game is based in a persistent world that comprises a farm, some businesses, and various inhabitants. Since it is an open-ended game, you can enjoy various activities such as planting crops, marriage, raising animals, and crafting, among many others.

There are a total of 12 non-player characters who are eligible for marriage in the game, and it is believed that Abigail is the best person to marry. This is because she is the only person who will join you in the mine.

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