Who is Jett from Valorant dating?

Valorant players believe that Jett and Phoenix are in a relationship, however, the relationship is not confirmed by Jett’s lore and is not hinted at by Riot Games.

In this first-person tactical hero shooter game, Valorant, players can control a set of agents who are characters based on several countries and cultures.

Although the main objective of the game is vanquishing other players’ teams, several gamers are interested in the lore of the game. To be more specific, players want to know who Jett is dating.

What is lore?

Most video games have a lore, but several gamers do not know what lore is. Simply put, lore is the backbone of a video game.

It is a set of elements that complement the narrative. Even the smallest details can add depth or even expand the story of a video game.

In other words, you have to follow Valorant’s main storyline, which serves as the main questline.

However, as you advance in the questline, you will discover the background of the story. This essentially means that you will learn the history of how the current events came to be.

Although lore is a simple feature to some, and most players do not pay much attention to it, it has a great influence on a game’s story.

Who is Jett from Valorant dating?

There are several characters that you will encounter in Valorant, one of which is Jett. She is the 10th Agent to join the Valorant Protocol.

Who is Jett from Valorant dating?
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Jett is a Radiant with powers that allow her to control the wind. She has unique speech lines that you can discover when you use her in battle.

At the beginning of a match, Jett says: “Hey Phoenix, if I die? Viking funeral. All the way.” As the battle progresses, she also mentions to Phoenix that he should not mess up his pretty face.

Most of Jett’s speech lines are spoken to Phoenix if you use both of them in a team.

Throughout Valorant’s lore, Jett and Phoenix have always had a flirty relationship. They support each other on their missions and always have each other’s backs. They have banter through their voice lines, and it seems that they have a good relationship.

Some players believe that Jett and Phoenix are in a relationship because of how close they are. However, the relationship has not been confirmed by Jett’s lore and it is not hinted at by Valorant’s developer, Riot Games.

Their voice lines on the battlefield are therefore nothing more than friendly banter. As a matter of fact, some players believe that Phoenix is homosexual, but this, too, is yet to be confirmed.

Apart from Phoenix, players have also discovered that Jett and Raze have a very amiable relationship. This is because they have similar personalities and aggressive fighting styles.

These 2 agents tend to compliment each other quite frequently. Although Jett and Raze are close, they are not in a romantic relationship.

Where is Jett from?

According to Jett’s lore, she is from South Korea, more specifically she comes from the capital, Seoul. She had Korean and half Korean-American parents, which makes her more Korean than American.

Her parents met in Korea when her Korean-American parent went to study at a culinary school. Both of her parents are great chefs, which is probably why Jett is passionate about the culinary arts.

Unfortunately, it is not indicated which of her parents were pure-blooded and which was half. Moreover, there is no mention of her having siblings or other relatives.

How did Jett get her abilities?

Jett started out as a cook, and she worked in her parents’ restaurants as a chef. However, she got her abilities from the effects of the First Light event.

Scientists determined that specific individuals got unique skills and abilities because of prolonged exposure to Radianite.

Although Jett is arrogant and hard-headed, she is one of the good Agents in the game. As previously mentioned, she joined the Valorant Protocol to use her abilities to help people and to protect them from dangerous situations.

Will Jett be in a relationship in the future?

At the time of writing this, Jett has finished her most important arc going forwards in the Valorant lore and story. Therefore, it is unknown whether the developers will announce a romantic relationship for Jett or not.

However, players will probably see Jett play an important role in other agents’ stories and lore.

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