Who is Beidou a good support for?

Beidou and Kujou Sara’s Elemental Bursts require 80 energy, which makes them best teammates of Raiden Shogun. Raiden Shogun can boost Energy Recharge of their teammates by using Elemental Burst, and also increase DMG of teammates’ Elemental Burst by using Elemental Skill.

Who is Beidou good with?

  • 5 Beidou + Sucrose + Xingqiu + Fischl.
  • 4 Beidou + Childe + Fischl + Kazuha.
  • 3 Beidou + Cyno + Dendro MC + Xingqiu.
  • 2 Beidou + Yoimiya + Fischl + Sucrose.
  • 1 Beidou + Eula + Raiden Shogun + Diona.

Is Beidou or Fischl better?

Beidou is better vs more than 1 enemy and if you can afford to slot in a second electro like Fischl or Raiden to generate energy for Beidou. Beidou battery is Fischl’s best role so they don’t necessarily compete with each other.

Does Beidou go well with Raiden?

You can’t proc Beidou’s Q hits while Raiden’s Q is active but since it Beidou’s burst has 5 seconds of downtime you can use that window for Raiden’s burst and recharge everyone. Raiden also lowers Beidou’s Energy requirements by quite a bit if you struggled with those and her E of course is a great buff for Beidou.

Do Ningguang and Beidou work well together?

2 Beidou. Since Ningguang is such a solid DPS on her own, you’re going to be seriously considering who to use as a Sub-DPS in her team. You might find yourself switching the team members around. If you’re in the market for an Electro user as your Sub-DPS, Beidou is an excellent choice.

Dori vs Razor vs Beidou!!! Who is best Electro Claymore User! DMG COMPARISON

Is Zhongli good with Beidou?

Side note that this works just as well for any melee dps, and is especially useful for ones like Beidou with split phys/elemental dmg. TL;DR: Zhongli + geo resonance gives a big buff to Beidou’s electro+phys damage that’s super easy to maintain with little skill (just keep Zhongli’s shield up). A good team option!

Who is Ningguang dating?

Among all the character dynamics and interactions, Beidou and Ningguang are the ones that most indicate being an actual couple in Genshin Impact.

Is Beidou good with Scaramouche?

5 Wanderer + Xingqiu + Raiden Shogun + Beidou

On the other side, Raiden and Beidou both have a decent Electro application to follow up with Scaramouche and Xingqiu’s attacks and trigger the Electro-charged reaction constantly.

Is Xiao good with Beidou?

Beidou isn’t bad by any means, and her ult does have synergy with Xiao, but the problem is that she is more of a main DPS than a sub DPS, especially since she can’t move while using her skill. Of course, that doesn’t mean she is unusable as a support.

Is c6 Beidou good with Raiden?

Keep in mind Beidou doesn’t work with Raiden so once you start batterying with Raiden, you will miss out a bit on Beidou’s damage. If there’s someone you should be comparing Raiden to, it should be Fischl.

Is kuki or Beidou better?

It depends on the team pairing and enemy—generally, against a single boss enemy, Fischl; against 2 or more enemies, Beidou; if you need healing, Kuki.

Is xiangling or Beidou better?

Individually it’s Beidou but vape XL has comparable DPS and better synergies whereas Beidou is kinda scuffed due to her element + support options. Once Raiden comes out we’ll see. xiangling and beidou are both better off being sub. pyro and lightning respectively.

Who is Beidou most shipped with?

Even before they had their first appearance together in the storyline, Beidou and Ningguang already had become quickly one of the most popular femslash ships in the Genshin Impact fandom. Many people like this ship because they see it as “opposites attract” and simply because of the dynamic of the duo.

Is Beidou useful?

Beidou’s best Talent is indisputable, because it’s completely unique within Genshin Impact: her Tidecaller Elemental Skill is the only way to parry and return damage in the entire game. It’s a powerful move, and we can’t recommend enough that you take the opportunity to use it.

Is Beidou worth building?

Is Beidou worth building? Most of Beidou’s Constellations convey bonuses on her Stormbreaker skill, which — while not quite as impressive as Tidecaller — is nevertheless a very good Talent to wish to build up, especially if you’re focusing on her as a secondary and/or Electro DPS dealer.

Is Kaeya good with Beidou?

Kaeya’s freezing Elemental Burst also pairs incredibly well with Beidou’s Burst.

Are Keqing and Beidou good together?

Players who want to deal heavy damage throughout combat can capitalize on Keqing’s speed with the likes of Beidou (Electro), Xiangling (Pyro), and Bennett (Pyro). At its core, Keqing and Beidou can synergize and boost their overall damage thanks to double element resonance.

Is Beidou or Xingqiu better?

Xingqiu by a distance: far bigger character buff, more impactful Cs further down the line and just a far better character for far more teams… Beidou has a great burst which is still slept on, and if you find her fun by all means pick her but in a vacuum Xingqiu comfortably.

Is Raiden or Beidou better for Childe?

Simple solution, use childe to apply beidou’s burst instead of raiden. If childe is on the team he is getting field time since he’s a selfish hydro applicator, so just use beidou’s burst for his attacks rather than raiden’s.

Does Beidou work well with Cyno?

There are a few options players can choose for Cyno’s team comp in Genshin Impact. Characters like Zhongli, Beidou, Dori, and Kuki Shinobu are all great options to pair with Cyno.

Does Beidou work with Childe?

This is especially great because Beidou is a tanky character and can take most of the damage thrown at her. You can also spread Hydro using Childe and then switch to Beidou, using her Elemental Skill to counter enemies with Electro.

Who does Kaeya have a crush on?

Fans notice that for the flirty dialogue after defeating Dvalin, Kaeya’s dialogue does not change based on which twin you choose. This led to the idea that Kaeya is bisexual, also supported by his flirtatiousness to Sara (female) and Albedo (male).

Who is Beidou to Kazuha?

In Kazuha’s Voiceline about Beidou, Kazuha tells that he owe Beidou his life because she took him in when he fled from Inazuma, and gave him the courage to return there at the most difficult time of his life. Kazuha mentions that she’s a comrade in whom he and all the other sailors can place their trust.

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